How to use news hot words to create high search engine traffic

we know that the news can give us the feasibility of the great flow after then we should be how to operate? Are they with earthquake as keywords? Of course not, then you will be submerged in many high weight website inside, others simply don’t have the chance to find you, you must learn to dig the long tail words related to a large earthquake in the words above, through the long tail word to bring you a lot of traffic, such as the Japan earthquake, Tangshan earthquake, Yunnan earthquake and so on, so will get good traffic, so that it can bring you a stable flow! Usually a popular event if done well, basically can give your website to reach ten thousand do IP level


can we know from the above keywords after Japan’s nuclear crisis, attention from the original zero, once up to more than 15000, that the power of the press is terrible, so for the keywords of nuclear radiation if properly extended, for example, the Russian nuclear radiation, nuclear radiation, will give you a website great flow, do not you see now many portals before the Russian nuclear leak out also provides to the user see, this is a good theme to attract traffic

By the !We

a keyword is very hot, that is the salt of words, now not a wave of panic buying, or to prevent the nuclear pollution and so on, these words everyone can come to do, must have to make your site more flow! Maybe someone asked, these are unexpected events, so how can we get these news source in advance, so as to make a time difference, it would be better not? So we will usually pay more attention to the major portals, take a look at some of the headlines, and some rolling news, these news drawn out in the long term, such as to avoid competition and large website >


from the earthquake index saw the last two days of the earthquake on the number of users less, but let us look at the key words: nuclear radiation or map:

!Of course, these one or two days will also

we know in Japan before the earthquake, the earthquake is less than 600 degree of user attention, but once the Japanese earthquake, became the hot news, the index suddenly soared to 3000, is five times larger than usual, visible hot news events can bring much traffic through the search engine, it is obviously the


recently, the most popular is what word, nature is related to the earthquake, especially the earthquake in Japan so that we can see our human nature in front of how small, so for the problem of environmental protection is not only stay in the oral, to take practical action to do, say a bit far first, look at the key words earthquake love Shanghai index:

Why don’t I make money when I make money onlineMobile entrepreneurs three errors small and beautiful

network to make money, why I did not make money? This topic a lot of people who make money online are more headaches. Personally, I think, in fact, for those who make money online, it is often doubtful of making money on the internet. Always feel that there may be others to make money online is to deceive you, in fact you think, if a regular website, to help you in the promotion of it is to help its operation at the same time, why it will cheat you? Need someone to visit your website, visit others, give you money, this is normal. You help them make others access or registration, website owners to give you the money is also normal. So, always try holding the attitude of the industry to join the network to make money, ronin think this may be an important factor that you can’t earn money! It is because of this psychological existence, only to hinder the development of your efforts, you are not willing to make more efforts to make money online this occupation. The final result is only to give up and failure, so you don’t make money, so you feel the nature of deception. You may have to do the payment, or will be harvested, but you give up, it is possible to leave ah! What do you look for the occupation, as long as you want to do, or you must discourage ronin you do so! I keep a little faith in yourself, if you are wrong, all wrong go wrong to you will finally become the truth.

lead: at present, many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may have misconceptions about many concepts. The following reorganization of the entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to be useful to entrepreneurs.

After more than ten years of vigorous development,

generally, the giant did not penetrate into or is not enough attention to the vertical segments in the early stages of development, the competition is relatively less intense, do not need too much resources to support, just by virtue of the excellent product ideas are likely to grab the opportunity to win a piece of the market. But remember, vertical doesn’t mean "

due to reasons from the media, often entrepreneurs will be offered to exchange views, with the digital mobile Internet entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, I think many many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may exist misunderstandings. The following reorganization of the entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to be useful to entrepreneurs.

said here, since you can come to the ronin blog, so I think you must be a desire to make money online, is a hot blooded youth eager for success, so please don’t doubt network can bring huge gains for you, to a land of our own in this industry has been the effort, and got a good harvest, so I think it is worth you to work! If you are a novice network to make money, then I suggest you go to find a ronin with your people to explore, to make it easier to get more labor, help you the way. Who can let you walk a lot less and less at the crooked road, a lot of risk.

, you look at the sh419 search network is making money or Wangzhuan, can be found, many sites have introduced the content to make money online. That is to say, some people spend money to build the special website to promote the Wangzhuan project, and then spend some money on advertising and publicity, and management and maintenance of the website is to spend a lot of energy. Then you can consider, if they do not earn money, why should these people do? There is no free banquet, China more than full Internet. So, do not doubt the fact that money online, or from our individual to consider the root of the money can not be earned. If you are like me, a young man eager to succeed and eager to earn the first pot of gold on the Internet, I hope you can give yourself a chance to prove the fact that you earn money online with your unremitting efforts. Once you have proved the fact that the Internet is making money, you can exchange the least amount of time for the most value!

Internet has been born in the fields of search engine, instant messenger, news portal, e-commerce and so on. At present, the Alibaba, Tencent, sh419 is the Internet industry’s three giants, as well as millet, 360, vip and so on, tens of billions of dollars of companies occupy the market. These large Internet companies have sufficient cash flow, the elite product promotion team, the entrepreneurial team’s lethality is very strong.

misunderstanding two: vertical segmentation is equivalent to the unpopular market


creation >

because the product is not only the first to use, but also take into account the user’s late stickiness. A simple function to even crude products, is absolutely unable to retain users, in general, such products, tools must be strong, and the lack of user interaction, the product is destined to go too far.

There is a

misunderstanding three: study time is more than practice

therefore, as far as common sense is concerned, it is better for the entrepreneur to cut off the direct competition with the big company and make a relatively vertical and subdivided industry, which is relatively safe. But the misunderstanding is that vertical segmentation does not necessarily mean an unpopular niche market, but rather a huge niche industry that still has a huge potential market. For example, in the past few years, although the four major gateway situation temporarily, but in the field of vertical portals have also been born, such as SouFun, car home and other listed companies.

misunderstanding 1: small and beautiful equal to product simple

many entrepreneurs believe that, at present, large companies have resources and bigger and larger products, and start-up companies should focus on small and beautiful, as far as possible to function simple and easy to use, this is not wrong in itself. But, that the so-called small and the United States should be one of the highlights of the function to achieve the ultimate, rather than is the function of a single product, or even the whole product is only a function.


In an editor’s perspective of Shanghai Dragon

station on Shanghai dragon in an edit point. I contact search engine optimization is at the beginning of 2011, the time is not long, is engaged in the medical industry. At the beginning of the stage, I always think this is just a routine update to the website, not what technical content. Also hold goof attitude every day to meet the daily workload. Slowly also feel boring. At the beginning, the quality is OK, then there is no patience for daily, pseudo original also is get throught a thing carelessly. One day, we head to see my article title and article content in a complete mess, irrelevant, put my name in the past, ask you such a title, the selection and the content for the search engines will be included? For the website visitors, they will see? Going into the final consumption? The question asked me to Mongolia, shamed I cannot refute. Later also strengthened the writing standard of pseudo original. Behind the increase of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge learning. More understanding of a group of like-minded people, also love the Shanghai dragon in this line. Of course, the most important is it brings me a long lost sense of achievement.
well, no bullshit, into the business, for a web site, an editor does not teach them what simple pseudo original how to write daily update site does not deal with what. To improve, become a real dragon Shanghai still need the accumulation of knowledge, knowledge expansion. This is not because Shanghai Longfeng for everyone to do. The search engine than you think smart, not to learn you forever just edit.
a persistent quality, can be called the execution. I engaged in Shanghai for half a year after the Dragon began bringing some new people, often found that many people are with me just engaged in editing, writing that the site editor is only just, so as to cope with daily work. Three days fishing nets two days of drying! To write your pseudo original, days and months multiplying someone told you site command, you will know that you have created their own value.
Shanghai dragon must first learn to optimize their own, have a certain significance of each section of
each site exists, which is not vacant in the decoration. I found that many editors, in writing articles, blindly implement the above tasks, the lack of understanding of the whole of the site, but not every leader can consider the comprehensive arrangement, so when the site is part of the plate has not been stable update, should ask why! Hard work is good. Learn how to arrange their own time to find the problem is the key.
Shanghai dragon needs curiosity:

It took a long time to render, but apple is really going into AR this timeSince the media is the Int

, another furniture dealer, Wayfair has been using the same philosophy and has been operating on the Tango platform for a long time. But ARKit has a huge advantage that Tango does not have:

this technique sounds like shlf1314’s Tango platform. The Tango platform has many examples of applications. IKEA’s upcoming apps, for example, allow customers to put virtual furniture on your home directly on app.

from the public platform, some professionals covering all walks of life with their unique sound public account, the dissemination of information that you cannot see in the open world to all readers interested in them. At present, WeChat public number has become the main form of Internet start-ups. Of course, in addition to WeChat, from the media in vitro, micro-blog since the media is constantly developing. Micro-blog’s diversion mechanism is relatively perfect, it is signed from the media in the flow of support and Realization of the way are very helpful. At present, a large number of "net red" is popular through this approach.


apple can make poké mon go picture is more cool, let the real and virtual worlds seamlessly. At the same time, it will make apple and shlf1314 more severe competition.

it does not create a 3D model, but it can nail objects at a certain point, and then change the scale and perspective of the object. It can also find a plane in the environment that allows users to place virtual objects on the floor or on a table.

good and bad

, but developers can only use Facebook’s own camera applications, using AR technology, but Apple allows them to add augmented reality technology to separate iOS applications. Apple Corp said that ARKit will become "the world’s largest AR platform", I am afraid this is not false.

ARKit can improve existing >

from the media so that people can be the master of the media, most of the information released is written according to their wishes. Some of them are the records of the petty events of life, and some of them are a collection of profound insights into the circumstances of life, some of which are political observations and comments on current affairs. Excellent self media experience in the display of their own, only in Central China to achieve higher returns. But most of the media is only a simple "network transplant", recording some trivial things, or unhealthy content.

technology blog is a branch of many blog types, most of which are written by some senior IT practitioners. Some are born out of the gateway, some are made by traditional media, some are born out of traditional media, and most of them are more inclined to comment and analyze business. The characteristics of each technology blog with art fan children, innovation, professionalism fan fan children, also known as "independent", not soft, not paid news. Its main profit models are advertising, management, training and consulting, and public relations.

with the development of electronic technology, a series of network media begin to form its own momentum. With the development of the Internet era and the continuous progress of mobile technology, more and more new media styles have appeared around people. Of course, from the emergence and development of media has become an important carrier of new media. We are dazzled by all kinds of media. Recently, a tradition of traditional media editors began to adopt the so-called "self media" approach, attracting the attention of the circle. Since the media is the Internet’s life-saving straw

WeChat micro-blog platform

The AR platform

has low credibility,

Apple finally launched an enhanced reality platform yesterday, which is good news for Apple’s app developers.

from the media

notable is that the ARKit platform provides the "world tracking" feature, which relies on a vision based inertial ranging technique. Using iPhone or iPad cameras and motion sensors, ARKit can find some points in the surrounding environment and ARKit can still track them when the cell phone is moving.

Papi sauce series of popular video, set off a wave of video entrepreneurship, more and more people began to follow the example. Even some experts say the spring of content entrepreneurship is coming. Since the media age, everyone’s media power expansion, all the life, work, emotional problems such as their were exaggerated, filmed video posted on the Internet, speak a common language of a group, to obtain high click rate.


homemade video

‘s shlf1314 AR products have set high standards for augmented reality based on mobile platforms. Apple’s entry into the market may pose a threat to the long – established Tango platform.

from the lack of media entrepreneurship

ARKit allows developers to project digital objects into 3D space using detailed data from cameras and sensors. This makes them far beyond the simple 2D camera.

uses ARKit platform, can be virtual cup, table lamp and other items placed in a plane,

several common types of

Since WeChat launched WeChat

technology blog

Facebook is also working to develop augmented reality technology, and also to promote more advanced machine learning.

, which will be used directly on existing mass Apple devices, and shlf1314 requires each Android manufacturer to implant Tango hardware into its handsets.

Love Shanghai shangdun line

through experience, find a suitable for you to show the shielding strategy of the industry, can be a good salesman, real-time monitoring of Internet users on your promotion information frequent search click strategy will be carried out in time after the shield hit show and click on these invalid visitors, save you.


The use of

often operate love Shanghai promotion people know, are thinking about ways to improve the overall ROI account. That is to say with the lowest cost to get the maximum value of the cost control, in addition to optimize the quality of outside, there are other ways? Yes. Usually there is some accounts by peers or malicious clicks, thus causing the waste of advertising dollars, according to this situation, Shanghai’s official love also has been in continuous improvement.

2. set in advance screening strategy, prevention of salesmen, users repeatedly search promotion information click on your.

1. manual show shielding, shielding, filtering strategies show invalid click report three functions, stop filtering invalid clicks, the same promotion costs, better promotion effect, let you put more at ease.

quote the official explanation: what is the shangdun? Shangdun is a set of manual shows anti shielding, shielding invalid click Tools, invalid click filter strategy in one report, shangdun can stop, filtering invalid visitors to the promotion of search and click information, thereby saving promotion expenses of customers. It is said that there are three main functions, filtering and shielding invalid clicks, which part of the return of advertising to love Shanghai promotion account, to reduce the cost of.


love Shanghai statistics found that rival IP, added to the manual show shielding, competitors will not be able to search your promotion information.

what can be done? ?I love Shanghai

have been competitors malicious click, can use shangdun shielding rival IP, prevent the promotion of information retrieval to click on your.

policy settings show shielding, when competitors frequently search click on your promotion information, automatically on the shielding your promotion information.

love Shanghai background will use advanced anti spam filtering and real-time off-line filtration technology, found invalid clicks, timely filtering and rebates, filter volume and filtering amount can be viewed on the filter in the report.

, for example, in the love of Shanghai statistics can see real time visitors, shielding IP and so on, but this is not able to better prevent malicious peers or click. In order to save costs to help customers better love Shanghai, so today launched a business called the shield function in the tool center can open for use. Then we first look at the shangdun interface is what.

then shangdun what? It is how to help customers to promote Shanghai love to save the cost of

here is mainly reflected in three aspects:

Yiqifa Kingsoft CPA download online advertisingThe new wave of entrepreneurship thirty years Hedong


CPA download Kingsoft online advertising

        07 years, Kingsoft with high quality products and good market strategy, by the network users crazy download, only less than half the time   reached nearly 50 million downloads times.
        Kingsoft launched a 37 day free trial, try before you buy mode, but also to promote the initiative to download network users. As long as the website with Kingsoft, users will have to download. Quality products, strong brand drivers to become your site   revenue provides a solid support! As a prerequisite for you to provide a service. Don’t promise to install Kingsoft without browsing   any form of stakeholders to provide. This can cause your union account to be closed.
 : a generous commission system;       Internet security alliance to take lucrative commissions installed system is higher than the industry average returns to the webmaster, CPA cooperation,   according to the users level payment to the webmaster promotion commission.
commission system table:  
1    499    0.2    /  a
500-19999 installed capacity of     0.3  /  an installed capacity of
20000 and more than   0.4  /    element; an installed capacity of  

my site for installation of bully alliance?
        navigation, download, technology, blog, community and professional websites are suitable for the installation of bully alliance.
Duba alliance provides a well-designed advertisement for you Banner, users click on the ads into the middle of the page to download, download and install it to your site to increase the installed capacity of 1 Advisory Station for navigation station. You can also put it directly on your website >

society from questioning, and even despise this field, to the recognition, so that you want to join them, the biggest factor is the young social high traffic, super IP,

The real changes in the

in the eyes of most people do not go out to play a "serious" road, industry experts from the school, playing games, in this year the Ministry of education enrollment notice, has been formally established "professional gaming" brand name, and the formal implementation of next year. So, in their eyes have at the master to the professional grade gaming, because those games from school eSports players, because the game will once again return to college, and this is the teacher’s identity.

gaming industry?


casual games from happy diminshing music to the league, simple, fragmented small entertainment, need more professional team, large online games, ten years ago could not imagine to have today’s gaming, has become the new entrepreneurial dream of young people.

recognized by the society, make gaming easier into the journey of entrepreneurship. Play the game from the field have no ambition come out and become a new skill occupation and professional, well paid professional grade gaming anchor is to make this new industry more heat.

system of supervision, gradually perfect, the achievements of a new era for the gaming industry. The domestic gaming industry system is not perfect, many well-known gaming companies from abroad, from classic foreign to domestic gaming features, the whole system needs a long time to improve. In addition to the improvement of the gaming industry itself, the relevant departments of the Gaming Regulatory strengthening increasingly, this double-edged sword at first glance is buried on the electric windows, actually for the eSports open a way to "right" more widely accepted the door.

What kind of entrepreneurial opportunities now has

gaming and close young generation has grown up, 90, 00 after they gradually grow along the natural flow of gaming, this.




is the favorite of the public, young people bring super IP, spread into the huge market competition. IResearch data show that in 2016 the end of the tour gaming market size will exceed 30 billion yuan last year, the gaming market has reached 26 billion 900 million yuan, with the popularity of the Internet era, there is IP, a high IP, super IP can bring great value here, a super large profit distribution channels, the flow of the economy. From the game itself to a variety of income, the income derived events, gaming revenue anchor and so on, the gaming giant type of cake, there is still much room for development profit.


said that if people become the quintessence of mahjong, mahjong has been successful for a name, the Ministry of education for the eSports so recognized, will lead the gaming business into a new area.

Love Shanghai snapshot does not show the title and description analysis reason secret

on this issue before Yang Changsheng and some friends on the network are often discussed for answers, which also got a lot of answers, the following are some of the conclusions is:

3, some friends said the website user experience is not good, the residence time is too small;

2, Shanghai Fujian business website love search results do not show the description of the website;


4, there are friends love Shanghai convulsion; calm, calm;

recently had a lot of friends website there is a problem, is on the search results page site title display is not complete, no description of Web site snapshot, snapshot cannot preview, but the website snapshot is updated every day, but not included on the increase (before Yang Changsheng wrote an article to your website why love Shanghai pick the top three flowers). This is what

Lee: the reason is more complex, the need for analysis. The main reason is that tag Title Extraction system failure, from other places to take some text as a title. The extraction of failure, webpage design level (such as whole is flash or Ajax), has banned robots level (although some important "don’t grab, but will retain the URL itself), lifting the ban on robots capture, take a long time effect. There are some abnormalities can also cause a similar phenomenon. If you do not meet the general expectations, this kind of problem can be directly submitted to the webmaster#baidu.>


5 and other

the following answer to the beloved Shanghai stationmaster Club Lee answer:

2, some people say that to do some outside chain;

1, why love Shanghai snapshot does not show the title and description of

1, a part of the answer is the website is non original, pseudo original is not high;

however, all this is speculation, are just speculation. Because so far, there is no friends through the above methods, so as to solve the problems. So what is the situation? How should we do? Calm, calm, then your secret love Shanghai snapshot does not show the real reason for the title and description ".


3, Fujian business website love Shanghai snapshot cannot preview;

1, in Shanghai in search of love Bamin shangmeng title search results page display and the original site title "Tieguanyin join _ Pu’er Tea, Green Tea, Dahongpao tea merchants do not like in the Fujian business";

to talk about before Yang Changsheng handled Bamin shangmeng (www.8m3m贵族宝贝) website also appeared in such a situation, the specific situation is as follows:

How to choose the site space

How many


at home and abroad, Hong Kong and Macao

three, product market positioning

website on the website of the apartment layout amount is relatively high, the first database is necessary, then portal websites need a large web space, because the portal site is basically a data update. Basically the portal site is such. There is a large space and a suitable background database (don’t know their language background? Click here to help you scarlett.

many times we have to worry about the choice in the web space, do not know about their company or their own websites need what kind of website space. Let me know you a preliminary understanding of how to choose a suitable space for their company website.

products, the image size, the amount of information of the text, the website FLASH, video and so on, these are composed of the content of the web site. If our website content is very much and very complicated, we need to select a larger web space, we need to how many according to our website content to choose the different web space. If you really don’t know the size your site you can click here to contact our customer service to help you answer ~

our website space selection, we have to make sure our website should be to see who. For foreign users? Domestic users? Or Macao users? This affect our virtual host selection, when we face the foreign or Hong Kong and Macao when users we can directly select the overseas website space. Because foreign website space not only can not record, and overseas website space can also make our website is not affected by the restrictions of domestic China. But if we face the domestic user if there is no way. Must through the filing system of the Ministry of our website domain name is analytic normal to show to the user. (such as >

2. enterprise

) Two, the content of the website

1. door apartment layout

general enterprise website is only for commercial display, display their products or make them know own company’s image. So the general company will not choose too large website space because the product is generally what those, or that new products are not many, the relative amount of data will not be great. General enterprise website according to their website to see if there is no backstage management system to locate their own web space, if any, then still have to buy a website with a database, but the database is not very large. If your web site management system with no background so you can even choose to buy no database website space. But sometimes for different web sites also require different strategies. Here Scarlett can choose a suitable web space for your website.

, a type of site location

Webmaster must see trusted alliance Wangzhuan recommendedSecret insider insider Ma he was so Huyou i

, Yuri, · Milner’s eyes, Ma Yun, Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong,

" in fact, it’s hard for you to compare them. Their strategy is different


so far, Milner’s biggest victory is still in 2009, betting on 25 year old Mark ·, Zuckerberg, when he invested $200 million in Facebook, and eventually received a return of $4 billion. In 2011, Forbes reported Milner’s cover story, the deal was the main content.

‘s 5 hundred million for Liu Qiangdong became at least 3 billion;

everyone wants to be an investor. Everyone wants to vote for Jack ma. The following five Ma Ma early investment big brother " Qian Sheng Qian " investment effort is really amazing. Early mining investment process, they can be seen, Ma Yun’s personal charm and marvelous team traits are two key factors to attract investment.

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Abstract: Ma Huateng said: " taobao just do it, Ma told me, when I had the chance to vote for a 15%. is I is not good, then I think the proportion is too small, investment accounted for 50%, now I regret regret all the dead. "


SponsoredReviews is a foreign online English paid review platform, a platform is also currently pay the opportunity to comment the most. The first SponsoredReviews " bloggers can take the initiative to find a paid review, the buyer and the seller offer free " pay comment form, greatly improving the bloggers receiving payment opportunity to comment. And the price paid review the SponsoredReviews above is higher, the minimum is $5. Accept Chinese blog.

on the website to earn advertising fees, increasing their income is more and more webmaster practice. But the credibility of the advertising alliance is good or bad, and advertising is different, the proceeds are also different. I am most three years Wangzhuan experience for everyone to share, push personal deposit of several different types of Wangzhuan that the best advertising alliance:

one, pay link

two, paid comment

, Yuri, ·, Milner, the most famous investor on earth. He has appeared in two hundreds of billions of dollars of investment of the company level giant Alibaba and Facebook, and five or six baiyiji company, Jingdong, Twitter, millet, taxi drops, Airbnb and Snapchat. as for the unfamiliar street and today’s headlines this small project is in his portfolio.

‘s 500 million for Lei Jun changed to $3 billion 200 million;

2005, Milner and Ma Yun met for the first time. In 2011, Yuri ·, Milner, injected about $500 million into Ma Yun’s Alibaba group through his digital technology DST Global, and now his 500 million has changed to $2 billion 500 million.

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BackLinks is a link service platform abroad. Mainly focus on the text links for websites and blogs. The biggest feature of BackLinks is its pricing strategy: do not care about your traffic, only care about your PR index. The price is calculated according to the PR value of the link, completely fixed.

apart from this.


innovation circle is always full of too many unknowns and uncertainties. The opportunity came, someone caught, someone missed. Investors and entrepreneurs, one for money, one for money. Give money to the team, the market, the model…… Take money should be enough charm, in the shortest possible time " Huyou " live each other.

take Ma Ali’s terms, the market value of this beast is now exceeded 270 billion U.S. dollars, converted into RMB, then about equal to 18000 yuan.

– Yuri · Milner –

investment Ali earned 5 times

BuyBlogreviews is also a paid comment provider that basically mimics SponsoredReviews, where bloggers can actively search for advertisers. In the current situation, the price of each paid comment is relative to Sponsor>

Text Link Ads

, the most cattle investor on earth,


Which sites in the love of Shanghai search right other people also found on the show

this "other people also found" there should be some other form, such as:

the medical network www.ylwlb贵族宝贝 original reproduced please specify the station address.




believes that ordinary people in the search often find some time to search for a keyword, will be on the right of "other people also found this forum, and is in the form of graphic display. In the process of the maintenance of the website in chance yesterday clear show mechanism, for everyone to share here.

keyword search



click on the picture, find the corresponding love Shanghai Encyclopedia (there are pictures of qualifying)

also triggered the "other people also found"

before many of my friends are in the group asked other people also show the search mechanism, yesterday evening accident into several pictures of them, found the display principle: extracting the relevant search words of love and the Shanghai encyclopedia, graphic display.


it should be noted that the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love must show with pictures, many medical websites also have opportunity to show. Some of the pictures is case below, everyone can test: This is the