Standardized management of urban and rural subsistence allowances in Xining

North District of Xining City, always adhere to the people-oriented governing concept, people’s livelihood, attaches great importance to guaranteeing the work of urban and rural areas, to further promote the urban and rural work standardization management, make the people satisfied with the "sunshine subsistence allowances".

Xining City North District to increase the intensity of training, and strive to do a good job of urban and rural construction of qualified personnel. Through the development of special training sessions, exchange of experience and other activities, the city’s urban and rural subsistence allowances for staff training and multi-level education, and effectively improve the quality of service and efficiency of the basic level staff. At the same time to carry out the staff to visit the household activities, and actively promote the national minimum living standards for the poor people in detail to explain the application of the relevant procedures to help poor people to solve practical difficulties. North of the city is also constantly improve the system of norms, to achieve standardized management of subsistence allowances. Strict implementation of the joint meeting, guaranteeing the work minimum monthly household income declaration, guaranteeing that the object separation remote acceptance and other related systems, to play the role of community residents democratic appraisal organization, earnestly implement the minimum target housing, medical care, children’s education and other aspects of social assistance policies, mobilize all social forces to participate in security work, gradually formed the working mechanism of government departments, social participation, cooperation, to jointly promote the rural work. North of the city in the work of urban and rural subsistence allowances continue to strengthen the sense of integrity, to create sunshine subsistence allowances". To further strengthen the sense of responsibility, put into the clean government to urban and rural residents work, strengthen supervision and management, standardize procedures, and effectively guaranteeing the review open and fair and reasonable, and resolutely put an end to violations of the various forms, to create "sunshine subsistence allowances, better services for the difficulties of the masses, and promote social harmony stable. (author: Cui Yongtao)


Xining service enterprises operating difficulties

days ago, reporters from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that from January to May this year, small and micro service enterprises sample survey, 232 of production, the demise of the 451 sample enterprises in Xining City, the death rate was 51.44%. At present, most of the Xining city service industry Small and micro businesses in the start-up and growth stage, restricted by the external economic environment and rising operating costs, financing difficulties, personnel mobility speed and other factors, the sample unit operating in poor condition, the loss of business coverage.

according to the analysis, the main reason for the small and micro enterprises in the service industry is the high rate of extinction, small enterprises, the ability to resist risks is weak, affected by the external environment changes, it is difficult to survive in the fierce competition in the market for a long time. From the data, from January to May, the normal business of 219 sample companies, asset size of less than 5 million yuan, there are 205, accounting for the total number of 93.6%. And the loss of many enterprises, wide coverage. Survey staff also found that the normal operation of enterprises, the loss of enterprises reached 99, accounting for the total number of 45%.

in addition, the survey also found that the investigation of the existence of a high rate of assets and liabilities in the case of corporate risk management, debt ratio has exceeded the recognized safety limits. (author: Yang Jian)

Xining air pollution control Henzhao

In the future, the comprehensive pollution control work will be incorporated into the leading bodies and leading cadres of the district and municipal responsible units of the annual target responsibility assessment (performance), in order to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, promote the continuous improvement of environmental air quality. This is the reporter from the Xining city in November 11th to do the news.

it is understood that the comprehensive management of air pollution in the new "assessment" made it clear that the implementation of the monthly assessment of the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, to percentile points and informed the monthly assessment results and rankings. If there is not complete the comprehensive management of air pollution and the overall arrangements for the division of tasks according to the time limit responsibility area, the lead unit and the responsible units, or not according to the time limit for the relevant inspection and supervision matters and other circumstances, will make the target early warning notification and deduct the corresponding month daily assessment score. Meanwhile, the slow progress of the work, the implementation of the responsibility is not in place, constitute the case of accountability, in strict accordance with the relevant accountability approach accountability.

at the same time, the way clear, comprehensive assessment of the results of air pollution control work as a leading group to adjust the selection and use of leading cadres and education, supervision, reward and discipline important basis. The unit in two consecutive daily assessment and year-end assessment scores ranked last ranked bottom of the region, or by accountability processing area, unit and responsible person in the comprehensive management of air pollution, cancel the leadership in the target responsibility assessment (performance) and leading cadres assessment Pingyoupingxian qualifications. Since the implementation of the measures, Xining air quality in the country’s key cities in the monthly or quarterly rankings, if included in the latter 10, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau annual work to implement a veto". (author: young Li Zhao Huigang)


Xining to build 3+6 social management model

"city of life, the city of happiness" is the development goal of Xining, the goal is to make Xining social stability, people live and work in peace and contentment. Reporters from the November 13th meeting of the provincial Commission for the evaluation of Xining City 2012 annual social management work report that, since this year, Xining city put forward the comprehensive management of social management mode of Xining – "3+6" mode of social management in the past on the basis of the 143 communities in Xining city is divided into 1037 responsibility to provide high-quality mesh. Service. In this model, the level of social management in Xining, social security environment has been greatly improved, people’s sense of well-being, security has been enhanced.

"3+6" social management mode is the mode of social management consists of service management platform, the information grid of urban community is the technical support of the three social service management platform, centralized government service platform and by a comprehensive management of social security system, social stability risk assessment mechanism, working mechanism, emergency public emergency to resolve the disputes disposal mechanism, interests expression mechanism, social security mechanism management of basic six social management mechanism.

in operation, relying on the Xining community foundation, Xining City 143 communities are divided into 1037 grid integration streets, community responsibility, and social organizations, within the grid "people, places and things, love things, all included in the grid, to carry out the conflict mediation, public security guard and community service, to combat illegal crime fine management service. Since the start of the 3+6 social management model, mediation and conflict in Xining 9321 cases, mediation success of the 9039, mediation success rate of 96.97%, will resolve the contradictions in the bud. At the same time, the County Public Security Bureau police station of Xining City, the 40 set up a monitoring center in Xining City, key units, key areas, key sites installed 8502 monitoring network security situation, all-round monitoring of these places, gradually reduce the number of cases of public security.

the next step, Xining will continue to deepen the "3+6" mode of social management, the full implementation of informatization as the leading Xining City, county, township (street), community (Village) four grid community service management platform, to "12th Five-Year" at the end, the basic realization of Xining city basic level social service management system cover. (author: Wu Yachun)

Xining health infrastructure for the new year to fight for special funds 180 million

Xining City Health Bureau this year will increase efforts to fight and implement health projects, and further promote the construction of health infrastructure to a new level.

it is understood that the City Health Bureau will strive to complete the project in place and capital respectively this year: continue to increase the city, two city, three city hospital building, city hospital business building, Datong County and Huangyuan county hospital construction projects and the construction of community health service projects such as construction work, and to ensure that this year at the end of the completion of delivery; and in place for the completion of all kinds of project grants 180 million yuan of special funds, so this part of the special subsidies for the amount of growth of 20% over the previous year; strive for the construction of city community health service center and Huangzhong County People’s hospital building construction project. At the same time, speeding up the township construction and reconstruction of dilapidated buildings and maintenance work; the implementation of the central and provincial special funds 12 million yuan, the new rural sanitary toilet seat 20000; with the support of relevant departments, the city CDC transformation and distribution room, to ensure the normal operation of the city CDC P2 biological safety laboratory of large and medium-sized equipment.


Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to strengthen the clean government and promote the styl

2008, Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau of the clean government work in a prominent position, early arrangements, early deployment, through strengthening the education, improve the system, strengthen supervision and inspection, effectively change the work style of cadres, promoting the construction of a clean government, has made new achievements.

strengthen education, improve self-discipline consciousness. Discipline inspection group of the use of learning days and early reading time on the laws and regulations, honest government, rules and regulations and other knowledge of the centralized system to explain the guidance. Through the study, the cadres and workers of education to strengthen self-discipline, improve self-discipline consciousness, in working life has always been strict with themselves, consciously abide by the law and discipline, and civilized law enforcement, clean and efficient, warm and thoughtful service.

improve the system, clear responsibilities. In order to fulfill the requirements of style building, the branch to improve the early reading system, standardize the regular meeting system, strict attendance system, starting from the trivial, from the start bit by bit. Through the improvement, standardization and implementation of the system, it is effective to solve the problems such as poor time concept, procrastination, unclear responsibilities and so on. Early reading activities, adhere to the authorities to learn the day to call the class situation, the late and no reason not to participate in the study of comrades criticized education, and announced attendance, strengthen supervision.

strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the effectiveness of style building. Discipline inspection team in accordance with the requirements of the Party group, to carry out inspection and supervision work. In the examination of serious and responsible, not afraid of offending people, itemized by people to check, found the problem, do not hide, do not evade, timely criticism and education, and ordered to limit correction. Period, the discipline inspection team and the total number of inspection agencies 21 times, found that the problem of 5.

by grasping style building, at present, branch staff thought clear, working style, full of energy, high quality of service, to successfully carry out the work to lay a good foundation. (author: Deng guards Kong Linfeng)


Qinghai provincial government to improve the effectiveness of the proposed system

12 8, the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on the provincial people’s government for the eleven session of the four meeting of the notification of the situation since the twenty-two session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people. Since the eleven session of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the four meeting of the government system to deal with the proposal of the 316, have all been scheduled to do. Among them, have been resolved or adopted in 130, accounting for 41.1%; the questions included in the plan to gradually solve or adopt 154 pieces, accounting for 48.8%; due to the limitation of current conditions, the questions for 32 reference, accounting for 10.1%. Satisfaction rate, the adoption rate, the implementation rate has improved compared to last year.

provincial government has always attached great importance to the proposal for the work, the main leadership has repeatedly stressed that government departments system to perform their duties responsibly, continuous improvement proposals for recommendations, improve the quality of the handling, in order to promote the work of the government. Vice governor of the United States seriously coordinate and solve difficulties and problems encountered in the work, and actively promote the smooth development of the work. Provincial government to strengthen the coordination of the office of the office, the initiative to strengthen communication and liaison with the provincial CPPCC general office and the relevant units, timely feedback on the results of the proposal, to discuss ways to improve management. Strive to make members satisfied, let the masses benefit.

for the CDNCA Qinghai Provincial Committee proposed "grasp the new opportunities The Belt and Road", creating Qinghai economy upgrade version of the map "proposal, the office of the provincial government intervention initiative, strengthen consultation and channel development and Reform Commission, commerce, finance, finance and other departments and relevant areas through contractors, conscientiously implement the provincial government optimization import and export trade, trade structure and stable strategic deployment, actively implement the independent brand development plan, focusing on cultivating the Tibetan carpet, Thangka and other 10 characteristics of export product brand, to caojiabao bonded logistics center closed the operation.

government system of the undertaker of innovative ideas, and strive to improve the effectiveness of the work, combined with the actual work, the establishment of a management system with the characteristics of industry and sector. The provincial education, housing construction, water conservancy, forestry and other units, supervision and implementation of competent contractors "system of job responsibility three-in-one"; the provincial public security department has established a special working group for the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry; apply to establish ledger, the implementation of monthly supervision system; Provincial Tourism Development Committee established management Liaison Committee, the financial system; human resources and social security, land and resources, finance and other units of the provincial development and reform proposals for the work will be included in the annual target responsibility assessment, for proposals for work to provide a strong guarantee.

government system to strengthen the investigation and analysis of the various contractors to enhance the effectiveness of. In the process of the Revolutionary Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the "on the further improvement of disabled persons living allowances and subsidies for severe disabilities care proposal", the provincial Civil Affairs Department has organized personnel to the investigation, on a scientific basis, formulated the "opinions" on the establishment of disabled persons living allowance and severe disabilities care subsidy system the time for 115 thousand disabled persons and 85 thousand severe disabilities allocated two provincial subsidies 170 million yuan.

each contractor area to strengthen communication with members of the communication, and strive to do before worship;

Huangzhong judicial people solve problems for praise

correction officers to help open up, was released from prison staff to solve the difficulties of life, help farmer brother beg for wages…… A pile of pieces, in recent years, Huangzhong County Bureau of justice around the three focus on innovative work ideas, bent to do things for the people, in the judicial work to the forefront of the three counties.
for emancipists to normal return to society, judicial staff into the rural community, regular survey visit, grasp the idea of life emancipist, solve their difficulties in life, and complete the released prisoner resettlement work, at present, a total of 1137 tube emancipist.


Northwest style tourism association annual meeting of the 30 city mayor Xining Tourism

northwest style Tourism Federation 2014 meeting will be held on October 16th. Then, director of nearly 30 from the city of Ning Meng Shaanxi Gansu Qing and adjacent areas of the mayor, the Tourism Bureau will meet in Xining to discuss xiadou, regional tourism development plan, the meeting will also organize Tourism Committee and the National Committee, jointly signed the "Xining declaration".

northwest Customs Tourism Federation is from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan City, Shizuishan City, Baoji City, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, the 16 city of Gansu Province, Pingliang City, Dunhuang City, CO sponsored by nearly 10 years of development, for the Shanxi Gansu Ningxia Inner Mongolia green and adjacent area tourism cooperation, regional tourism brand, tourism resources the integration of fine lines to create tourism, information exchange and integration of regional tourism and other aspects play an important role.

deputy director of Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau Zhang Hongtao introduction, the meeting organized by the Xining municipal government, in order to better promote the Xining and the surrounding tourist resources, the meeting will also be invited to ring the summer tourism circle member units to participate, and to explore the establishment of regional tourism resources integration, updating and development of tourism products networking mechanism, combined with cultivating tourist routes; discuss the support and encouragement of tourism enterprises, tourism resources, news promotion and other parties to send each other tourists and other preferential measures.


meeting will also be the effective use of new media marketing alliance platform, planning and promotion of tourism marketing means and methods, and invited experts, business representatives and members of the city to feel the pulse of the development of the tourism industry, to promote the integration of tourism culture, tourism, sports and other resources of the actual operating mode, joint research to promote the tourism industry in the northwest provinces and fast the development plan, promote the sustained and healthy development of the tourism industry in the northwest.


Monday the city cooling and precipitation

May 9th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, according to estimates, in April the city’s precipitation higher than in previous years, the city’s largest rainfall reached 126.2 mm. City Meteorological Observatory predicted that the whole city in May may be less than the same period last year, the temperature is higher than the same period in previous years about 1.5 degrees celsius.