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1 menstrual pain is a normal phenomenon. Premenstrual breast pain occurs in many women during menstruation, because estrogen secretion increased, the breast nipple will appear pain, accompanied by pain, severe vibration, friction or touch as long as there will be pain. This situation will continue until the end of menstruation, and then will slowly disappear. So in the period to learn to relax, can be appropriate to the breast and nipple massage, relieve pain.

2 adolescent girls breast development period of pain is also a normal phenomenon. When the nipple develops, there will be slight pain, symptoms usually come with menarche gradually disappear, this time without tension, relax the mood to accept the changes in the body can be, can choose some of the more usual loose underwear.

3 if pregnant nipple pain is common, because of changes in pregnant women in vivo estrogen, resulting in breast hyperplasia, breast nipple will swell, pain. Of course, with the development of pregnancy, the symptoms will gradually clear. Pregnant women can not take medicine, if you want to relieve pain, can use the hot towel deposited after the nipple, I feel a little easier.

4 disease caused by nipple pain should pay attention to, such as breast hyperplasia, papilloma, breast cancer and disease requires playing the spirit of twelve, as soon as possible to the hospital for examination, so as not to delay the disease.

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How to do not have sucking nipple to flow out juice ‘s health network

touch the breast lumps, but also pain, will not malignant? This is a worry and worry for many women. Don’t panic, eight or nine lumps are benign, 90% malignant breast pain and has nothing to do. But most of the benign disease is still some patients will bring psychological fear, and even interfere with the patient’s life or beautiful breasts, but also interfere with the diagnosis of breast tumors. What should I do? Do not be excessively anxious, do not let down the line, only to get to know these annoyed but not too annoying problem.

question 1: breast pain will not worsen?

breast pain, the most common reason is that pre menstrual cramps, because hormones caused hyperstimulation.

some breast pain is not related to the physiological cycle, such as milk tube obstruction, inflammation, or breast is too large, bra size does not match, the development of puberty can also cause pain. Or some people who drink caffeinated beverages, eat too salty food, stay up late, stress or irregular periods, there will be pain in the breast.

usually has nothing to do with malignant breast pain, but even so, we can not relax our vigilance on breast pain, these symptoms should be optimistic: if breast suddenly persistent, severe pain, painful to the touch, may be suffering from breast acute infectious diseases; if the breast is beating local pain, it is likely that the local has been festering. If the breast pain for the onset of pre menstrual breast pain or pain before the increase, after remission or disappear, can be considered a proliferative lesions. Of course, sometimes in lactating women often have severe pain in the nipple, nipple broken, cracked, for baby nipple bites caused by rupture of the nipple sucking.

doubt two: bump can ache, how to do?

if the breast pain plus touch bump, often to strike terror into the heart of a woman.

young women with a common benign fibroma feels like a lump, and fibrous cysts can cause pain. It causes pain, mostly located in the outer part of the breast close to the armpit, Tian Zhe said. In addition, they may appear in more than one position, but also can be more than one or both breasts are.

breast fibroma not too painful, many women have not paid much attention, however, breast fibroma one percent canceration rate, may lead to breast cancer. A lot of clinical patients with early breast malignant tumors are fibrous tumor patients, because they do not pay attention in the course of time, the occurrence of malignant transformation. Once the cause of breast cancer, women’s physical and mental damage is great. Don’t wait for serious illness, not too late for regrets.

Many people eventually and breast health network

we all know, a number of artificial abortion is very likely to lead to reproductive system sequelae, in fact, do stream of people (more than three times) also have potential harm to women’s breast.

because the artificial abortion is different from natural childbirth, the former is forced to terminate pregnancy, the latter is a natural biological process, or "fruits fall off when ripe". With the increase of pregnancy hormone levels, breast breast will gradually began to change, bloated, full, increase around the areola pigment will increase.

study found that repeated abortion easily lead to breast disease. Because of a sudden interruption of pregnancy, will disrupt the normal physiological functions of female hormones, such as hormone levels suddenly reduced, the development of the mammary gland will suddenly stop growing, cells become smaller, acinar disappear, breast recovery. But this is usually not a complete recovery, and it is easy to cause breast pain, some will cause breast lobular hyperplasia, breast diseases such as mastitis. Statistics show that induced abortion accounted for about 40% of breast disease.

therefore, couples of childbearing age, especially young couples should strengthen the contraceptive measures, do not do as little as possible or artificial abortion, from the point of view of prevention of breast disease, it is also very necessary.

(internship editor: Kuang Yanming)

The pre inspection to which hospital is good time to check what the best health network

refers to the pre inspection of two couples before pregnancy to the hospital physical examination, through this check can ensure that after the birth of the baby more healthy, so as to achieve our country advocates eugenics, but also to avoid overly serious diseases in children suffering from. Then the pre pregnancy check to which hospital is good? What time is the pre inspection of the best


1, large professional hospital

generally, in the process of choosing hospital, must choose the large and professional hospital, this is very important, including women and children and people’s Hospital, through the large hospital inspection, to obtain the most accurate results, but also can avoid the high fees. In general, the pre inspection of selected hospital is later pregnant women after birth and during the production of the hospital, if not choose professional hospital, it is likely to bring great threat to women’s health, and may have a great impact on the health of the fetus.

2, the pre inspection time

according to scientific investigation, the pre inspection must be in a couple of months before pregnancy to prepare 3-6 to. Because in this time period, can avoid hasty pregnancy. If in the process of inspection, the couple two people appear any abnormal situation, or there is not suitable for pregnancy phenomenon, there is still enough time for treatment. In this way, when the husband and wife two people in a healthy state of health and then pregnant, you can make the baby born more healthy, but also to avoid the occurrence of deformity.

these are the pre pregnancy check to which hospital good answers, we will be able to know what time the pre pregnancy check. In addition, two couples before pregnancy check, but also understand the note pre pregnancy check, do not be mistaken, it can not only avoid delays in pre pregnancy check, also can avoid the error.

Vitamin D supplement can prevent breast cancer ‘s health network

Professor, Institute of breast cancer, Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University,

vitamin D is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism, promote bone growth. The level of "D 25" (25-OH-D) in human plasma can well reflect the status of vitamin D in the body. This newly published by the nutrition science research of Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences Institute of Chinese (referred to as the Shanghai Institute of life science nutrition) in a China women’s studies conducted jointly with the Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Xuhui District Central Hospital showed that vitamin D supplementation can prevent breast cancer.

investigated by monitoring the vitamin D levels in serum of patients with breast cancer and 593 cases of females in Shanghai area and 580 healthy women showed that vitamin D deficiency is common phenomenon, only 4.8% healthy women and 0.7% breast cancer patients with vitamin D is sufficient. Breast cancer patients with a severe lack of vitamin D are as high as 96.1%, and vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with the incidence of breast cancer in china.

in the study population, the plasma level of 25-OH-D increased by 1 ng / ml, the risk of breast cancer decreased by 16%. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation to premenopausal women with normal weight may reduce the risk of breast cancer. To this end, we believe that the lack of vitamin D to maintain the status quo, maintaining a suitable level of vitamin D, help prevent breast cancer.

the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for adults in China is 5 micrograms, not exceeding the limit of 20 micrograms. It is generally believed that 125 micrograms can cause poisoning. For those who need to take vitamin D preparations, women should strictly follow the doctor’s advice, in order to prevent excessive poisoning.

vitamin D is abundant in animal liver, milk, egg yolk and Cod Liver Oil, salmon, tuna and other fish, may be appropriate to eat some. In addition, if you can adhere to the sun, the body can meet the vast majority of vitamin D. As long as the hands and feet exposed 30 cm, the sun in the sun for 30 minutes. Women in pregnancy, lactation period, the demand for vitamin D will be significantly increased, so more attention should be paid to the sun, as far as possible to do housework on the balcony, go out on a sunny day. More than 40 years old, leg cramps, often stay up late, pregnant and lactating women should be more sun.

Adolescent girls how to care breast health net

gradually become large or basic. After the development of the basic shape of the breast, the girl to wear a bra. Wearing a bra can make the breast support and support, so that the blood circulation of the breast is smooth, is conducive to breast development, and can protect the nipple to avoid abrasions and pain, in the autumn and winter season as well as the role of warmth. Should choose the right size bra, after wearing to feel comfortable and no pressure.

adolescent girls will first be aware of the development of prominent breast nipple. With the development of the breast, fat and blood vessels increase, so that the whole breast bulge, this change can be seen from the appearance.

breast development in addition to hormones, genetic factors are also relatively large. Another feature of breast development is that in the early stages of development, one side of the breast may be significantly larger than the other side.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

adolescent females appeared earliest and second is the most obvious sign of breast development and the rapid growth of the body, breast development is often the most obvious starting point of the development of girls.

at the same time, around the nipple areola brown gradually expanded, breast sufficient growth, about 80% of the girls until 16 – 19 years old was close to the adult breast development.

bra texture to soft water, to wash frequently change, keep clean. Take the bra off at night. Many women feel breast swelling, swelling in the thorn nipple a week before menstruation, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. General menstrual cramps will disappear.

according to the changes in body fat, change at any time. Not because of the pursuit of physical beauty and wearing a bra.

With the development of

The office of the small movement of anti health network female breast ptosis

fitness instructor Lin Zhanghua here to teach the office workers a few strokes.

exercise neck, shoulder part –

4: relax leg posture, legs straight up and down to the ground level, blood circulation, repeated for about 15 minutes, relax both legs shrink belly. Get up in the morning to do, but also eliminate eyelid edema.

2 minus waist abdomen: standing posture, stretching to the side of the waist, alternately.

2 chest movement: body posture, back seat lumbar, relax, chest, head back to cervical activity. Can improve the kyphosis, but also to prevent female breast ptosis.

3 practice: sitting in his hands, lumbar legs, body curled up.

above the action with breathing, each practice to do 2-3 times, each practice adhere to 50 seconds.

1 cervical vertebra exercise: sit to the side, hold hands and head, let each other hard top, around the turn.

exercise the leg parts —

1 lumbar exercises: standing posture, with arms outstretched, head forward, back, back, as far as possible.

Miss Li said, the desk increased in their serious office too loud. "There is no movement in what is suitable for small work time to do, can relieve the cervical and lumbar pain?"

3 shrug movement: sitting, hands on his shoulders, his arms expansion and rotary motion, can prevent periarthritis of shoulder.

The two time the woman please refuse health network _ female bra _39

"sin" is not the bra is wearing a suitable bra

said: do not wear a good bra

two time women do not wear bras

no Bra bound body will drive the spirit to relax. If a thin type of fabric exposed summer let you always have to be prepared to meet the challenge, then the remaining three seasons of the breast you can fulfill the dream of freedom.


8 hours of sweet sleep to the breast for 8 hours the opportunity of blood flow, is bound to the day of the most basic maintenance of the breast. PARTY weekend hours, you need a strapless Bra support; in the office, you need a pair of tightening type Bra able to help you create the image of women’s occupation; but over the weekend at home, please also had breast appearance, let her the most comfortable stay. Experts suggest that at least one day a week is good for breast health.

another said: wearing a good bra

young women believe that the shape of the breast is very important for women, in order to maintain a good chest shape, bra essential. Moreover, this is just a little higher the risk of cancer. Take this a little risk and better than the chest, the latter is certainly important.

"American Cancer Research Center" as a result, long time wearing a bra chest tighten adverse breast health.

bra can be said to be very close friends, almost every woman in the use of bra every day. But in the next two days, we’ll say "No" to the bra!

a, enjoy sleep

points out that 80% of women in the world

free breast before bedtime.

this research was supported by the National Cancer Institute spokesman recognition, and with the network spread to major domestic websites, especially for women with female occupation: every day more than 12 hours in public places is commonplace, whether it is wearing a bra or do not wear

experts found that women who wore bras for more than 12 hours a day were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not wear a bra for a short time or at all. That night did not take off a bra for women, the possibility is more than 100 times. Because the bra card tight chest will affect the normal circulation of breast lymph part, normal cells in the course of time will make the breast cancer. Sin is not in the bra, is improper use.

two, vacation

Investigation on the relationship between bra too long and breast cancer

wearing a bra for a long time may lead to breast cancer

middle-aged women believe that they have been concerned about the beauty of the breasts of the age, and keep the most important health. So the approach is feasible, not wearing a bra to wear heavy clothes in the autumn and winter, spring and summer also try to choose a thin bra those relaxed freely, strong binding force, home immediately removed.

there is no reason to have more time for a free breast.

It’s what causes breast pain symptoms and you have to understand _39 _ women’s health network

breast tingling how to do?

breast tingling, feeling very uncomfortable. But some people are a bit embarrassing, but think this is just some small problems in psychological mischief, so not much attention. If the breast hurts, the first is to figure out what causes, generally if this is the first of its kind, is not caused by disease, so this can not excessive attention, can rest on it. For this kind of sting goes on as time goes on. If the cause of the second categories, indicating that the body out of the question, this time it is necessary to pay more attention to the best to the hospital for examination, only the eradication of these diseases can effectively eliminate the tingling.

if the sensation of pain is often the cause of the two categories. One is the normal physiological age structure, for example, some people will feel the pain of the breast during puberty. And for a period of time before pregnancy and in the menstrual period have breast pain, accompanied by pain. These problems are often encountered in the process of growing up, but also temporary, over a period of time will naturally disappear. The other is the etiology of breast pain itself has some breast disease, breast pain is the disease, such as mastitis, breast cancer, had breast pain, this kind of disease can not be ignored, it is best to go to a regular hospital check.

on breast pain of life is still quite large, if it is caused by the disease, it can not be neglected, since we adhere to treatment, should also pay attention to some life habits, in order to avoid bad habits led to the intensification of the disease.

What causes breast pain Effect of

breast has always been the focus of women’s love, every day as a baby to look at. In particular, the heart of the women in the selection of the bra will be very careful, and every day will be careful care, this is a very good habit. But the weather is unpredictable, the breast suddenly one day there is tingling feeling, this is what?

Lactation start bra for prevention of postpartum breast ptosis _ female _39 Health Network

mother can massage the breast every night before going to bed or get up. A hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger, put on the contralateral breast, nipple centric, clockwise from the breast circling the outer edge to the inside, on both sides of the breast 10 times each. This method can promote local blood circulation, increase the nutritional supply of the breast, and is conducive to the secretion of estrogen.

in the breast-feeding period, the mummy to take proper feeding methods, two of breast feeding should be alternating, when the baby to eat empty one breast, the mummy to the other side of the breast with the breast pump suction air, keep the size symmetrical on both sides of the breast. Don’t let the baby when feeding traction nipple. At the same time to avoid the occurrence of mastitis in lactating.

causes of postpartum breast ptosis

from breastfeeding, we must insist on wearing a bra. If you do not wear a bra, weight increase >

2 clean care

, associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Liu Yinglin explained, in the breast-feeding period, the breast gland and connective tissue hyperplasia of the breast will increase, coupled with the mother’s breast milk will accumulate a large number, breast swelling. But because of infant feeding, breast surface skin is drafting extended breast suspension elastic supporting structure is also reduced, at the same time of lactation after breast gland atrophy, ptosis, becomes small. "This is unavoidable. But some mothers because they do not pay attention to breast-feeding and breast-feeding after breast protection, resulting in breast atrophy, which is completely preventable."

mother can first with warm water to the areola and nipple clean, then put the towel wring a little, round shape deposited in the breast (with the nipple). Two towels alternate use, every 1 minutes to replace the towel 2-3, repeated for about 15 minutes, apply to the skin was slightly red, that is to achieve results. If the mother has not lactating, sooner or later 1 times. If you have begun to secrete milk, every half hour before feeding.

after the end of normal breast-feeding, the mother will use Wen Qingshui to wipe the breast and nipple. Avoid the use of chemical products such as soap and alcohol to scrub the nipple, otherwise it will fall down due to defense ability of local breast, cracked nipples which led to bacterial infection. In the shower, use showerheads red breast, it is best to alternate hot and cold spray, alternating hot and cold stimulation is helpful to improve the chest skin tension, promote blood circulation breast.

how to maintain the beauty of the breast? Liu Yinglin made the following recommendations:

1 lactation correct feeding

during pregnancy, breast fullness always make mothers feel contented. But after weaning, the problem soon appeared, such as a "magic" vanish, breast not only no longer straight, rather than pre pregnancy is still small, and drooping like a bag, it can be frustrating. Why does the breast drop small? How to prevent postpartum breast sagging smaller? Let’s listen to the experts.

postpartum how to prevent breast sagging

3 insist on wearing a bra