Do ya friends, easily five hundred knives a month!

had written an article, do ya friends, I earn 61 knives a day, the article, I do not know if you have an impression. Later removed, Wang said a bit sorry, but he admitted: you are the only one who is allowed to add AD in the article, the author of the offline development. The article was deleted, I can understand the difficulty of the king, and thank you for supporting me.


did not want to write today, and just a QQ the author talks about improving the income structure problem, before I like him, just a writer, specially written manuscript IT. He believes that when writing from interest into occupation is a very painful thing, although the monthly money even more than the salary. Of course I earn high wages by writing a lot, but I still did not give up work. I would like to have a chance to write about the experience of that period of time, anyway, the deepest impression is that I went to the post office to get a remittance, miss is not with me to ID. Have a take, there is a woman, see I took so much money, of course she is writing, but not IT, is the education of the manuscript. She asked me my name after I left. Miss refused to say, then she and my acquaintance, but can’t remember the name, and then said I miss very much ” Oh, don’t say, going. read more

Open top secret QQ space to make Taobao off the project

wrote before the article:

1: this project has been working for me.

2: true and effective.

3: early tired.

send my income figure, that is PS can ignore

first, we look at this ", was released on the pig Witkey task,

this transformation is to spend money on advertising, we can see a little smarter. But such a situation can do more than spending income I do not know, but can cause the following ideas:

has a full QQ friends (500) – released Taobao guest articles in the QQ space (need more readable, easy to be reproduced in the new space) ——QQ friends see your post – purchase or reprint articles, see here, there may be people Tucao, said one can earn QQ so what? I can responsibly say, of course not. So I have more than and 300 full friends QQ number, friends active rate of around 2/5 (500 friends have 200 online). read more

At this time you will succeed to do Wangzhuan

Harvard University library has a motto: this moment will nap, you will have a dream; but this moment study, you will interpret a dream. The assassin Wangzhuan forum put it in to give each Wangzhuan Wangzhuan: at this time to give up, you will come to naught; while persist, you will succeed.

we know that the current Wangzhuan industry is mixed, what people have, Wangzhuan also emerge in an endless stream, free Wangzhuan classic (such as hook Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan code etc.) do not talk much, new ways such as Wangzhuan like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the forum, the latest in 2010 Wangzhuan project which will be worth looking forward to?. In the face of all kinds of guidance, many higher tried another Wangzhuan project, finally ended in failure, after all, money is one of the few people. Therefore, many people have the idea of giving up. read more

Linktech Samsung mall and new activities


activities: Samsung mall Santa Juxian, super large and diverse activities contribute to new and old customers, the free delivery of goods.

1: notebook family dinner: during the event to buy any 120GB mall can receive a high resolution 1000dpi mouse, classic speakers and large memory hard disk.

another, +1288 yuan was CLP-300

+1288 yuan was ML-1630

+1888 yuan was SCX-4500

2: Bluetooth: storm activity during the purchase of Samsung MP4 YP-P2, YP-T10 or any of a Bluetooth mobile phone audience can choose high quality stereo Bluetooth headset or can change the 33 color Bluetooth mono headset a. read more

nternet Entrepreneurship first test, after the move

what is this temptation? Like Xiaomaguohe, nobody tell you the river depth of the case, you can not face the river halted, nor hastily rushed into the river, to prevent river rapids to retreat. Mascherano may wish to try out on a small step, look at the river depth, water flow in the understanding of priorities, fully prepared, safe to cross the river. Entrepreneurship is not the case?

Mobile Forum uncle

was founded in 2008, focused on mobile devices to provide comprehensive, professional network service, free virtual space early use of 5D6D, the team only one person; in the "trial" after the success of the opening of the pace of investment funds, with five independent server of your own team members to expand to 10. As of August 2012, a total of about 600000 members of the mobile uncle to attract members of the daily average of more than 20 thousand post, the industry has become a mature mobile device service platform. read more

What do want to make money online

because of poverty, no culture, no money, no status, I have nothing. In 2004, only a secondary school was very reluctant to take 480 yuan, from Shaanxi to Guangdong Ankang to make a living, at that time, I did not even have the basic identity cards are not. Fortunately, with the help of my friends into a small factory. Hard month to earn 4, 500. I am a computer science major, from an early age obsessed with this thing has been a dream to have a. Usually live frugally after a year to save 1000 yuan, want to buy a good computer is not enough, so he waited a few months, after all in this factory for a year and the play is very good, sometimes they can help maintain the computer by QQ teachers and students an. A chat with the teacher that the network can make money, then there is no way to find out what they do not have a computer is not interested in pyramid schemes are very profitable. Want to wait until the computer is doing this. Finally a month plus 150 Benghazi on basic salary is 890 yuan. read more

Yiqifa love net register promotion activities the latest to join!

Network operators


know: "love net register promotion activities" the latest to join!    

*  brand – heavyweight brand, which  
*  as steady as Mount Tai; product advantage — comprehensive color, unique exclusive – Football Lottery single match  
*&; nbsp; policy advantage — and lottery management institutions good the cooperation between  
*  team advantage — the elite collection of April  
*  technology advantage – lottery online trading platform

        guide customers to complete the registration process, as valid registered users.    

      CPA:0.8  yuan / each valid registered users. Monthly!  

read more

Lei Jun Entrepreneurship must do the most fat market!

Chinese Lei in corporate leaders meeting pointed out that millet is a success, the most important is to encounter a "typhoon", he says, the "typhoon" is a pig can fly up to the typhoon mouth, if enterprises want to succeed, you need to find a typhoon belongs to "in your range".

light to find "Taiwan outlet" is not enough, but also a unique business model, Lei Jun millet summed up 5 successful key for winning the audience: the first is to use the Internet thinking to do the hardware; the second is to pay high attention to the user experience; the third is hard to do high quality. Fourth is the cost plus retail, the price is super cheap. Fifth is the development of peripheral products. read more

The first video alliance so provides such customer service

has been the first video and not what contact, until some time ago, I intend to put their ads for > audit; > through, very easy, maybe because my site is good, traffic is OK because of it. But I am a perfectionist, see the first video ads, I began to worry, so I arranged the ads on my website and what place? Very depressed, decided not to put.

The sale of

website three days ago, the problem also appears, because I applied for the first video ads, but did not put in the first video alliance already exists in the database of my website information, the new owners want to do the first video alliance, has been unable to pass. My first reaction was: This is easier to remove the background site, but after logging in, I was disappointed. The first video does not provide the delete option. read more

Taobao guest Webmaster learn to go out to do subtraction

Taobao now, after several years of development, has gradually matured. It has become one of the individual owners and higher main revenue way. It can be said that Taobao customers led to the rise of the volume of billing CPS model, so that the promotion of personal sites more targeted, more valuable traffic. Taobao passenger station is a special crowd, in the promotion of this area of Taobao goods, competing, director, so that the flow is no longer difficult to achieve. From a statistical point of view, Taobao guest owners groups are increasing, there are more individual owners and entrepreneurs transformation Taobao. So the competition is fierce Taobao off the field, to promote all kinds of popular merchandise has been very popular, and Amoy owners are also constantly mining popular products. But with the introduction of the whole network search engine Amoy network, Baidu gradually restored included on Taobao store, Taobao and Taobao alliance of the guest promotion norms gradually strengthen the management of Taobao passenger car industry environment is also increasingly harsh, money is not so easy to amoy. Taobao customer how to be more difficulties to survive, the cash flow become Amoy owners to think of the problem. read more