The two time the woman please refuse health network _ female bra _39

"sin" is not the bra is wearing a suitable bra

said: do not wear a good bra

two time women do not wear bras

no Bra bound body will drive the spirit to relax. If a thin type of fabric exposed summer let you always have to be prepared to meet the challenge, then the remaining three seasons of the breast you can fulfill the dream of freedom.


8 hours of sweet sleep to the breast for 8 hours the opportunity of blood flow, is bound to the day of the most basic maintenance of the breast. PARTY weekend hours, you need a strapless Bra support; in the office, you need a pair of tightening type Bra able to help you create the image of women’s occupation; but over the weekend at home, please also had breast appearance, let her the most comfortable stay. Experts suggest that at least one day a week is good for breast health. read more

t’s what causes breast pain symptoms and you have to understand _39 _ women’s health network

breast tingling how to do?

breast tingling, feeling very uncomfortable. But some people are a bit embarrassing, but think this is just some small problems in psychological mischief, so not much attention. If the breast hurts, the first is to figure out what causes, generally if this is the first of its kind, is not caused by disease, so this can not excessive attention, can rest on it. For this kind of sting goes on as time goes on. If the cause of the second categories, indicating that the body out of the question, this time it is necessary to pay more attention to the best to the hospital for examination, only the eradication of these diseases can effectively eliminate the tingling. read more

Lactation start bra for prevention of postpartum breast ptosis _ female _39 Health Network

mother can massage the breast every night before going to bed or get up. A hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger, put on the contralateral breast, nipple centric, clockwise from the breast circling the outer edge to the inside, on both sides of the breast 10 times each. This method can promote local blood circulation, increase the nutritional supply of the breast, and is conducive to the secretion of estrogen.

in the breast-feeding period, the mummy to take proper feeding methods, two of breast feeding should be alternating, when the baby to eat empty one breast, the mummy to the other side of the breast with the breast pump suction air, keep the size symmetrical on both sides of the breast. Don’t let the baby when feeding traction nipple. At the same time to avoid the occurrence of mastitis in lactating. read more

How does a woman wash your breasts _39 _ women’s health network

at this time, if you always use soap class clean items from the nipple and areola. These secretions on women’s breast health is bad.

experts pointed out that the use of soap often cleaning items, through mechanical and chemical action to wash away the skin surface of the stratum corneum cells, promote cell division and proliferation. If you continue to remove these keratinized layer cells, it will damage the skin surface of the protective layer, so that the swelling of the skin layer, the swelling is due to excessive local breast drying, adhesion and cell shedding caused by. read more

Two women in third breast health network _ female _39 embarrassment

is a common female accessory breast malformation. It is often the development of the organization, most of the baby’s breasts, or just a skin pigment deepened, the central can have a little bit of skin after the increase, similar to a small nipple. Some only breast, some only nipple, but there are also visible in the armpit of the whole body (nipple). Areola, gland), and large. Before menstruation also swollen pain Furu during pregnancy, increased significantly in the nipple and give milk secretion to milk. read more

A woman of 50 breast still upright secret _39 _ female health network

when you enter the age of 50 years will be in your forehead, corners of the mouth, the back of the hand, or even leave a mark on the breast. The chest is becoming more relaxed, and the rest of the breast is almost completely replaced by fat, and the fibers and the fibers are just like the stretched rubber bands.

40 years old

stood straight, is a good way for women of this age to build milk. As the age increases, the woman’s back muscles become more relaxed, walking or standing, habitual forward tilt. Many people joked that the chest is fast down to the navel". read more

Menstruation how breast enhancement effect is good Female _39 health network _ identify three period

hot feet: hot foot bath can accelerate blood circulation, improve the nutrient accumulation in the chest.

in the week before our menstrual period, we began to change the body’s estrogen, the body is also accumulated nutrients for the menstrual period. At this time to eat protein rich foods can be added to the body nutrition, but also to strengthen the supply of nutrients in the chest.

3 day period

after a week before

at this time to eat carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts food, breast effect will be better than usual 3 into more than. read more

Three healthy diet breast health network _ female principle _39

on human growth, endocrine activity, immune function, The new supersedes the old. neural structure, plays an important role, so it has a good name of "trace elements warehouse". Women often eat beans, can greatly improve the development of the breast, so plump and sexy.

2, eat beans

if the young women’s breast development is not ideal, can eat some high energy food, such as eggs, meat, peanut, walnut, beans and vegetable oils rich in food, through the accumulation of fat, lean body will plump up breast will become straight and elastic. If the elderly women, breast sagging, and wrinkled, dry, want to make as much as possible breast fitness, attention should be focused on vitamin E and vitamin C intake. read more

The study said a woman’s risk of breast cancer in the left arm mole too much higher _39 _ women’s he

this is the first study to find a link between a mole and a breast cancer. The researchers analyzed data from two large prospective studies, followed by a survey of 74523 and 89902 women.

PLOS Medicine" magazine that, by calculating the number of moles of women on the left arm, may allow doctors to determine the risk of breast cancer is more simple.

study also found that more than 6 moles of post menopausal women had higher levels of estrogen and testosterone in the blood than those without moles. This, in turn, could predict the risk of breast cancer in women. read more

Woman breast cheats how to squeeze career line _39 health network _ women

breast cheats 10, right to the lower left chest movement, next will be at the top of the chest right hand moving upwards, then reverse direction to do the same, around the turn to draw 8 font the way back and forth to do 10 times.

breast cheats 1, to walk, to keep the back straight, abdomen, and the lifting arm, will focus on the upper part of the body.

a woman’s cleavage could be considered "career line" means it has certain importance, fullness in the chest is a woman’s capital, although the breast is a kind of beauty, but now with the increase of breast of the crowd, still need to remind the majority of women in the choice of breast enhancement methods, the method must choose health and safety the. If we can achieve the effect of breast in diet and exercise, in fact, try it anyway. read more