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foreign experts found that kelp for women, not only beauty, hairdressing, slimming and other health effects, but also adjuvant treatment of breast hyperplasia.

study found that the kelp is remission of breast hyperplasia, is because it contains a lot of iodine, can induce ovarian follicular luteinization, thereby reducing estrogen levels, the endocrine disorders have been adjusted, and ultimately eliminate the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.

, also known as kelp, kelp and kelp is a large edible algae, Ye Kuanhou, green, no yellow leaves for the top grade. read more

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Vitamin C supplements can reduce the risk of death in women diagnosed with breast cancer,

was diagnosed with breast cancer, vitamin C supplements reduced the risk of death by 19% compared with those who did not, and the risk of breast cancer was reduced by about 15%.

At the same time, Harris believes that those who take the initiative to take vitamin C supplements in patients with their own should be more healthy than other breast cancer patients, which will affect the final survival rate of

Harris said, there are some limitations, because they are from the analysis of the research of others, and in the course of the study, they did not consider other factors, such as weight. read more

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, such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming and jumping aerobics, can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

7, regular physical examination, self inspection

non proliferative lesions, does not increase the incidence of breast cancer, the relative risk and hyperplasia of breast cancer increased with lobular or ductal atypical hyperplasia is worse.

Shengqi Qin said the doctor, surgical resection is the main treatment for breast cancer, plus radiotherapy and chemotherapy, TCM therapy, endocrine therapy and molecular targeted treatment for the comprehensive, long-term survival rate is high, so even if breast cancer doesn’t need to worry too much, early diagnosis and early the treatment is the key to improve the cure rate of breast cancer. read more

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breast is often found with secretions

with [contraception<;

Hin MawelonIndications:

what are the early symptoms of breast cancer?

will increase the risk of breast cancer by taking birth control pills?

breast secretions are a common problem. Most of the women who have been feeding have a fluid around the nipple. But when the following situation occurs, you’d better go to the hospital to check: not subject to external stimuli, spontaneous secretion; often appear secretions, and only appear in the side of the nipple. Nipple secretion of blood samples, is a more serious problem, 45% of the breast duct papilloma, other reasons include fiber cyst, breast duct expansion or late pregnancy symptoms, and so on, there are also 15% may be breast cancer. read more

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celery is common vegetable of our life, it contains rich fiber material, can be filtered from the body, eat some celery can help the body detoxification, but also treatment because some diseases caused by the accumulated toxins.

3, celery

in kiwifruit is rich in vitamins and excellent dietary fiber source, the source of dietary fiber is very helpful to digestion, but also can remove toxic and harmful substances in the intestines, help the body detox.

2, honey

There is a good tonic, nourishing effect read more

What people are more likely to develop breast cancer to self _39 health network _ women

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences cancer hospital director Xu Binghe

why get breast cancer

at present, there are about 1 million 400 thousand people suffering from breast cancer, the global annual average of about 20 million new cases every year in our country. Breast cancer has become the number one killer of women’s health".

in China, the incidence rate of breast cancer in coastal areas is higher than that in the mainland, the eastern region is higher than the west, and the city is higher than the rural areas. Among them, the incidence of middle-aged women grew fastest, forming a new peak. According to statistics, the high incidence of female breast cancer in western countries is 55 ~ 65 years old, in China, the advance of the age of 45 ~ 55. read more

Help you uncover the chest of a woman 24 secret _39 _ female health network

don’t worry. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States nearly 10 thousand between 35 and 64 years old often women on the pill for follow-up study, a solemn statement, even if long-term use of contraceptive drugs, will not increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

Seattle Fred Hucthinson Cancer Research Center staff, "" breast bodybuilding magazine editor Anne Dr. McTiernan pointed out that for 20 years after participating in the work of the female sports effect is more obvious. She suggested that women should insist on physical exercise for half an hour every day. read more

The prevention of breast cancer can not only rely on self check _39 health network _ women

report of German experts showed that the incidence rate of breast cancer in women are higher than other seasons (spring women prone to breast cancer, according to the change of female hormones in vivo and presumably related), so women in the spring should pay more attention to regularly check, if found to have mass, and when the doctor should be.

In order to facilitate the understanding of female breast According to the

once the mass, must be clear as soon as possible, the need to identify the tumor is benign or malignant tumor, doctors often recommend patients with pathological biopsy. When the mass occurs in the lung, liver and other deep solid organs, the need for biopsy. But many people worry that the tests are painful, so they are afraid of even refusing the biopsy. read more

What are the _39 breast massage health network _ women

four, oil massage method

in the two hands holding a brush, the brush face affixed to the breast, with a brush head as the center, a rotary massage on his breast, note that massage time must be moderate and control efforts, great efforts are too light, too heavy words may hurt some breast, allow yourself to feel comfortable and powerful can oh.

lying in bed at night, you can use the left hand gently stroked her right breast, while the right hand gently stroked his left breast, to touch ten minutes can play a good effect of breast every day, can let your chest more tall and strong. read more