The sea fox sea Amoy members on Wednesday is more than half

since June has launched Wednesday a member of "the sea fox sea Amoy has its many users provided more than 1000 members on the price of premium goods, from luxury brands to the global and international big selling brand, from users is female beauty and skin care, daily necessities to the footwear, luggage and other categories of full coverage. Every Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock to grab, "half price grab", "the world’s most popular", "big surprise" and other different themes set up for different needs of users to provide a richer choice. As of early September, activity price of 55 yuan, 69 yuan price activity SNP mask JAYJUN mask, the price of 49.9 yuan red seal red brown sugar 2 bottles, most users ranked beavers berserk members on the explosive TOP3, more and more international big single product favored member.


"as scouring powder it’s designed for users to solve the door can not facilitate the purchase of global commodity demand platform, the sea fox is scouring the sea platform in the bright younger generation. Since the end of March this year began formal operation, the sea fox has been in continuous innovation. The sea fox cooperation international business platform from the initial development to now several hundreds, including the familiar Amazon, 6pm, Sasa and lookfantastic; the rich platform also let the sea fox to provide users with more comprehensive products, many users have noticed that more and more international luxury brands big beaver have been unveiled, such as Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Ferragamo, Prada, Versace, Burberry…… You can see in the line of the mall, you can think of, now in the sea fox can be found, these brands in the sea fox discount up to 15% off or even lower a lot." Amoy powder Public Relations Department official introduction.

in the "Wednesday member day" "big surprise" section to push the product, the sea fox provides users with a lower discount, the international big light luxury brand "to buy the big single product". For example, in which a member of the sea fox, recommended the girls are very love MK, original 1500 yuan Mini messenger bag member price is only 1000, discount in 31% off; Kate Spade is an original 2500 yuan small Tote member day lowest to 922 yuan, up to 64% off discount; there are more awesome a Coach hair casual shoes, the price more than 2500 yuan, 81% off after the price of 529 yuan. Each year the "Wednesday member day", the sea fox will launch such a high discount, international luxury big single product, really is more than half.


In addition

, "member half price" section provides more prices in the tens to hundreds of yuan selling a single product, more is recommended in the daily sales ranking, popular with users especially for female users.

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