Conspiracy O2O Baidu electricity supplier still fantasy


] April 14th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Baidu is preparing a resource to get through online and offline business platform "Baidu MALL" ( Baidu insiders revealed that Baidu’s determination is great, the project may be its last attempt to electricity supplier business.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the Baidu MALL has eight key business categories: clothing shoes and bags, outdoor sports, food and health care, nursing makeup, Home Furnishing textile, electrical digital, baby toys, jewelry watches.

is reported that the project has quietly entered the state of investment, many brands have received an invitation to enter. A sports brand businesses revealed that Baidu MALL’s timetable: January 2015 to February to determine the focus of the brand in March April to invite; centralized and businesses signed and audited; May commodity upload, shop decoration and other preparatory activities; June officially launched.

directional invite 1000 brands


sports brand marketers think this project is the biggest characteristic of the "brand": from the current business situation, Baidu MALL hope all categories can direct and brands cooperation, brand flagship store this mode exists only on the platform. "They want to become the platform for customers to buy well-known brands at home and abroad and the characteristics of authentic licensed goods preferred site."

Baidu MALL to the business information, the platform of the target user group is 20 to 40 years old with petty feelings of people, to meet the demand of the well-known brand "new, special" this part of the user.

based on this principle, Baidu MALL plans to invite only 1000 high-end well-known brands settled, the formation of high-end brand aggregation effect.

gives the brand funds, traffic double discount

at the same time, Baidu MALL to the brand out of a very favorable conditions, almost no charge for the initial. A merchant said: "this platform launched three preferential policies: first, brand first year free margin (100 thousand); second, free platform for the first year fee (30 thousand per year); third, the transaction rate of half off (only half of the other B2C)."

In addition to

, the Baidu MALL also promised to provide the flow of resources: can Baidu big search, Baidu alliance and other channels for businesses to achieve accurate diversion; and realize to build the brand and customers to build a large search framework, page structure; and brands share Baidu 600 million active users.

open up all resources practice O2O

is the most important, the electricity supplier Baidu project will provide O2O solutions for brands, including online and offline stores to buy goods, also can directly guide customers to the brand shop to buy the line.

insiders believe that the massive introduction of Baidu MALL brand this boutique route, but also in order to rapidly expand the O2O business, will

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