Logistics and e-commerce development is not a long-term strategy of bidding interdependence

affected by the financial crisis, the traditional logistics industry, the volume of customer service in the past two years dropped, and e-commerce to the logistics industry to bring the business volume is growing exponentially. Taobao announced in the APCE SME summit Logistics Forum, as of June 2009, the actual business needs of logistics generated by Taobao in 3 million single / day, just six months of logistics growth in the amount of 50%. The actual business needs of logistics volume 09 years Taobao produced 100% increase. Then the increase in the demand for e-commerce logistics business did not bring positive development of positive interaction between the two industries. Logistics has become the bottleneck of the development of electronic commerce, and the development of electronic commerce has become the main reason for the decline of the service industry. Although the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry is also fast forward, but the development of the two are not fully synchronized. Low level competition has become the biggest obstacle to restrict the development of logistics and e-commerce.

, however, this low level of competition has intensified. A few days ago, there is news that Taobao dissatisfaction with Taobao business price is low, the business was blocked by the application. Then, on the Internet Shentong ban Taobao news of all the news show, raise a Babel of criticism of, Shentong express business dissatisfaction with Taobao low prices, the company is difficult to maintain operations, coupled with the recent snowstorm caused traffic inconvenience and rising oil prices, the cost and freight pressure caused by Shen Tong to support. Hardware service can not keep up, now the warehouse explosion occurred frequently, came Taobao several big sellers combined with lower prices, Shentong employees do not overload with news of the strike, so sto decided to temporarily ban Taobao business, alleviate the pressure of logistics. Then Shen Tong denied did not ban Taobao. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied think Ban is false, this price is really. Shentong ban Taobao rumors do not rule out suspected of speculation, the purpose is to increase the logical. And then the major courier companies to price rumors spread everywhere. Indeed, recently, the logistics of collective price rumors come true, rhyme, Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, several courier companies have released the price high. Taobao sellers face greater cost pressures.

Taobao Business Express price in fact, and Taobao itself does not directly related. Taobao just played a role in the contact recommended, these logistics companies are introduced to Taobao sellers to facilitate the sale of Taobao sellers, but also for logistics companies to contact more business. Price is negotiated with the seller of the logistics enterprises. Taobao only profit channel estimates can only charge a certain fee, but it is reasonable thing, and there is no direct relationship between logistics prices. The seller may also exist in prices of the phenomenon, but it is also a necessary measure in order to save the cost for buyer service. With the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics enterprises are more and more dependent on e-commerce, it can be said that there is no e-commerce business, most of the logistics industry will be difficult to survive. Light is Shen Tong, five or six of their business volume is from Taobao, let him give up Taobao, think is impossible.

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