The domain name of wealth bloody calmly domain investment project

[domain name is what wealth]

"domain name" is the global Internet let others identify a computer location identifier, the equivalent of our letter must use 6 digit postal encoding, pots must pull a region behind plus a 6-8 digit number "phone number", the house has a "number"…… etc..

"domain name" but the logo can only be used on the Internet, in other places not strictly speaking is called "domain name", therefore, if someone is selling "domain name" to you, be careful of its argument may be fraudulent.

"domain name" the logo in the global Internet is currently only two, one is from the English letters (A – Z, a – Z, lowercase equivalent) and digital (0 – 9), connectors (-), with the real point at all levels between the domain name (called "domain name English connection.)" another is called "Chinese Chinese characters composed of domain name", between "Chinese domain" domain name at all levels by a solid dot or Chinese period (. ) connection.

"domain name English" and "Chinese domain" (currently only "Chinese. China" /cn "Chinese domain" is global access) is a global Internet public resources by the non-profit organization management, the user (whether institutions or individuals) to buy the "domain name" is actually purchased "domain name" the use of a period of time (the shortest one month, the longest for 100 years) the right to use.

at this point, we will understand that the domain name as the essence of wealth is a computer network logo on the Internet within a certain period of time to use the right. The value of the right to use, is due to a number of computer network marketing elements constitute, including: length, meaning, relevance, brand mapping, scarcity, etc.. Because these involve too technical evaluation problems, this article is not to discuss, but with a number of domain names in the history of a lot of people know the example of "domain name" is what wealth.

the world’s most famous domain name case]

is the world’s most famous domain name dispute because the United States "" domain name, played a total of 8 years, because the domain name domain name registrar audit is not strict, by the third party to do online buy down adult supplies company, this company a year online turnover of up to $about 40000000, the original domain name registration after the discovery then, the loss of the "" domain name registrar accountability, the ongoing "8 years" lawsuit, and ultimately to the domain registrar to pay $15 million and reach a settlement.

"" in other words, the original domain name domain name registration if the year to $50 / year registration fee for registration, 8 years later, received $15 million in value in return, if the assumption is $2 million for 8 years. The lawsuit fees, there are 13 million dollars in return, equivalent to 260 thousand times the return. What a crazy return on investment!



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