Taobao shop set up to reduce customer trouble

should be set up in the shop before the decoration, and the store style at the same time conceived. There are three basic purposes:

1, the store all the information in a systematic manner, a hierarchical display to the customer

2, will be the most conducive to the sale of information to highlight the show, arouse customer desire to buy

3, through the store in the channel and other more rich content to bypass, showing the shop outside the personal style, corporate style.

if you purchase a standard version of Wang Pu, can set up comprehensive forum, do not short-sighted design in order to save tens of dollars a little while, it’s just a matter of expediency, future rectification up will be very troublesome, more tiring than re decoration. It is keenly aware of millet.


section contains five basic items:

A section of

, the classification of goods (shop category)

this is the function of the store comes into the management background can be set.

this is the display of goods index and navigation directly to the customer, everyone understands the importance of setting the classification of goods, millet is not much to say. It is important that how to set up the commodity classification in order to allow customers to find their own baby in the shortest possible time. At the beginning, millet do not know a baby can also be classified into several different categories, so for this detour. Since the same baby can be classified into different categories, then you can try to set up a few categories, such as the material, price, function, style, etc. set up a few basic categories (classification).

can also be set up in each of the major categories of N small classification, classification of goods must be returned to the specific classification of small.

such as emerald jade stone forest ( setting up a large gift sale area, classification of bangles / bracelets, pendants, ornaments / Pendant / pieces, clothing / earrings, rings, price / pull treasure channel. The gift sale area classification set up under the three category: special topicals, Laughing Buddha, guanyin. The price of treasure channel classification, according to the commodity price level is set up several price range, many customers before the purchase will first have a general budget, according to the price to search for the baby, so this classification is very necessary, can reduce the customers a lot of time. This is also a kind of humanized service.

classification of goods in the home page shows the picture, the width of not more than 160 pixels, height can be arbitrary, but there is no need to be too high, otherwise it will make the customer tired. Different categories of pictures to belong to a color system, with the overall tone of the main color is also a color, so that the whole store has a sense of wholeness. As the importance of different classification, you can be the most want to highlight the classification set more special colors, such as millet "gift sale area", on the use of color contrast strongly, size is larger than the other classification, at the same time using dynamic GIF format.

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