MOE announced the opening of a new brand to focus on the field of food and food consumption

September 1st news, mobile social networking platform Meng shop APP announced the launch of the brand upgrade. It is reported that the upgrade is from the brand image, the crowd and the supply chain three dimensions, from the front end of the market to the back-end operations, brand positioning.


brand image, the new MOE shop will be more focused on the delicious life circle of friends, focusing on the field of food and food consumption. The new icon to store M adorable "as the center, combined with the chowhound mouth, the periphery of the circle is the circle of friends" metaphor".

in the play, adorable shop APP launched four fight groups, "one group" "seckill group" and "super group" sea Amoy group ", from interactive entertainment, limited promotion, the explosion of the fight to purchase and cross-border group purchase four latitude, to meet the needs of different users.

In addition, based on

, upgrade the brand image of the store, adorable will go deep into the supply chain system, establish and improve the service and quality control system, through the pre audit, on-site inspection, evaluation system and other means strict selection of adorable store settled merchants.

at the same time, MOE shop will launch a word of mouth marketing + share economy dual track, which in September 1st to run MOE head mode, allowing consumers to get the proceeds through social sharing fans. (Bai Xiao)

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