nteraction is the key to network marketing

China has more than 3000 enterprises, the urgent need to meet their real needs of information marketing products. In the past ten years, with the rapid development of Internet and mobile communication technology, network marketing tools and products of every hue, is from the Internet in the ocean have come. Network marketing and mobile marketing in an extraordinary speed, become an important means of enterprise marketing. With the advent of the era of network marketing, more and more companies are involved in the ranks of the network marketing. With the rapid development of Internet applications today, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to website construction, website promotion, search engine promotion and Internet marketing services, although the small and medium-sized enterprise Internet has gone through seven or eight years, but unfortunately through network marketing services to create benefits for the enterprise success stories is Liao Wuji liao. The first domestic companies to help customers find the initiative to marketing software, triggering the revolution of new media active precision marketing.

now, a lot of network marketing people pay more attention to the interaction of network marketing, strengthen the communication between the visitor and the enterprise, and in the continuous exchange of enterprises to produce products or services.

is the most important changes in the society and the times is not only the rapid development of science and technology, make the product seevice production companies to create its dazzling seevice products for consumers, is that consumers with technology have higher ability and knowledge, and thus to let their behavior toward the following development first, pay attention to the value orientation; secondly, requests for information, the Czech Republic, it tends to third, the pursuit of personalized and unique;; fourth, active, and more adept and confidence; fifth, advocate innovation rather than a simple choice; sixth, attention of social interests. So I said that the development and change of consumer behavior is one of the important factors to promote the development of marketing changes.

in the process of interaction with the visitors, the enterprise should skillfully passed to the visitors, rather than direct visitors to the transfer of the enterprise products or services, if the customer directly accept your product or service, then it will become prospective customers. Interactive marketing is focused on the efforts of the visitors to transform the potential customers or prospective customers.

yes, but there’s not much interaction. Alibaba’s list of the 2008 of the ten operators, are undoubtedly the beneficiaries of network marketing and network marketing master, but after I know about them, when it comes to interaction and communication, they are not necessarily well, as one of the ten operators of the Kang Hui years, the turnover of tens of millions of dollars, basically is passive Alibaba overseas platform to embrace business, because of the special circumstances of his business so that the business model can not be copied. Many enterprises especially those engaged in traditional industries, network marketing for them is a piece of ignorance area, let alone through the network, with visitors interactive communication, the communication. Therefore, I think, the most urgent task of network marketing is to let more people to perceive the network marketing, and we will become the leader in the fog. To this end, I am very keen to set up ">

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