nterpretation of the traditional enterprise network marketing three puzzles

The concept of "

Internet plus" at the end of 2014, the prime minister after the confirmation, the traditional enterprise OCS seems imperative. However, more and more enterprises responsible person to find me, asked about the network marketing stage — don’t know how to put the network marketing department is built up from scratch, from "0 to 1" breakthrough. Old hook will be summed up these problems found that bosses can be classified into three categories: about people, about the relationship, on performance. With regard to these three puzzles, let me talk about my own understanding.

a, why can not find the right person in charge of network marketing?

to find the right person, career success is half – this is what the boss understand. But in the actual recruitment will find people to interview, or only know a piece of skill but not the whole idea; either a "O2O" to "Internet thinking" of these concepts, but not landing; or have successful experience, but because of gehangrugeshan cooperation, after a period of time to find the successful experience to transplant to my own company.

so, how do companies find the right person in charge of network marketing?

First of all, the old

think, can not simply through the recruitment website to publish a few revelations, waiting for a resume. Since the recruitment of network marketing, you need to use the Internet with methods, corporate positioning, actively looking for: the main electricity supplier network marketing, can find Gong Wenxiang or ghost foot seven this class business circle since the media; new media, search on micro-blog, etc.. During the recruitment period, looking for the right person to spend more than 50% of the time, not too much.

then, as far as I know, many experienced "master" in three months because of business turnover, generally not familiar with the Internet, blind end positioning, even with the original enterprise culture conflict and lead to differences between the boss play, more and more big, finally left. So, in the right people arrived, I would not recommend by him to planning and top-level design of network marketing, but by the boss as the first person in charge of network marketing, network marketing manager as a trader. On the one hand, there is a network marketing manager into the time, on the other hand, to prevent its due to the experience of the network marketing leader of the label and radical bias.

two, how to reasonably arrange the online and offline Department relations?

online and offline relationships, or the relationship between the traditional marketing department and the network marketing department, in more than half of the companies are in existence, especially the introduction of the initial network marketing. So, the reasonable adjustment of the relationship between the two is particularly important.

in fact, the relationship between the two departments, there are mainly three layers: the relationship between people, business relationships, resources. The three layer relationship clearly, the line of conflict nature smoothly done or easily solved.

1, human relations: as mentioned earlier, in the early stage of the establishment of the network marketing department, department heads must be the boss, so many companies

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