Soft writing skills the title of the party is provocative but do not abuse

can write soft Wen promotion of their website, to enhance the visibility of the site, but also can bring traffic to your site, can be a soft, good benefits are inexhaustible, soft form can be divided into two kinds, one is the product or web site name appears in the form of publicity and promotion this form of soft Wen, if well written, looks very natural, very few people will have doubts about the effect that this is the highest realm of soft writing, such as: "those days" bring a romance to a happy ending I open fun shop, some experienced series of soft Wen is about the author, about something he and Adult supplies the inside, with the name of the web site, browse rate high, but also to make their products to sell a; second is the webmaster friends more common That is, in order to SEO and written text, this form is generally soft and webmaster articles, such as some knowledge, some of the internet seo and so on, but this form of soft Wen seems obvious, general behind there is a connection address, weight is to enhance their own website.

now write soft more and more friends, often see friends sharing articles in some well-known webmaster nets, can learn a lot of things, absorb a lot of experience, many of the headlines are written more fancy, attracted many people to watch this title, we known as the title of the party, in fact, the title looks very attractive in fact the content is very general. The title of the party it has a good place, but there are deficiencies, the key lies in how we can grasp it, here to talk about his writing for the soft, the title of the party’s view:

first, do not use the personal blog title party. Often see some Adsense class blog, the title has found that many webmaster is very general, such as Lu Songsong’s blog, each title looks very dull, but from the content you can see the true sharing of experience, I think this is the best; some blog title looks very attractive, such as similar title: "tips for new sites keywords ranking one month to the home page", this title I believe many people will dare to interest, but in after the discovery, the so-called small skills inside is actually updated daily high quality articles and adhere to the hair of the chain like, this way I believe we can extrapolate, fundamental it is not worth us to share and learn something, so when the user sees such posts will show no mercy to opt out of the website, and even sleep This blog has nothing to be remembered as a place where people can’t learn anything, and others will abandon it.

So for the

personal blog, do not use the title of the party, namely the use of fancy title, the contents should be fully reflected in the title of the value, if not what creative content, or some of the more common things, we should choose a plain title to describe it, when users see naturally have the option to click on, perhaps this is what we are familiar with: the light is really


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