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mother can massage the breast every night before going to bed or get up. A hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger, put on the contralateral breast, nipple centric, clockwise from the breast circling the outer edge to the inside, on both sides of the breast 10 times each. This method can promote local blood circulation, increase the nutritional supply of the breast, and is conducive to the secretion of estrogen.

in the breast-feeding period, the mummy to take proper feeding methods, two of breast feeding should be alternating, when the baby to eat empty one breast, the mummy to the other side of the breast with the breast pump suction air, keep the size symmetrical on both sides of the breast. Don’t let the baby when feeding traction nipple. At the same time to avoid the occurrence of mastitis in lactating.

causes of postpartum breast ptosis

from breastfeeding, we must insist on wearing a bra. If you do not wear a bra, weight increase >

2 clean care

, associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Liu Yinglin explained, in the breast-feeding period, the breast gland and connective tissue hyperplasia of the breast will increase, coupled with the mother’s breast milk will accumulate a large number, breast swelling. But because of infant feeding, breast surface skin is drafting extended breast suspension elastic supporting structure is also reduced, at the same time of lactation after breast gland atrophy, ptosis, becomes small. "This is unavoidable. But some mothers because they do not pay attention to breast-feeding and breast-feeding after breast protection, resulting in breast atrophy, which is completely preventable."

mother can first with warm water to the areola and nipple clean, then put the towel wring a little, round shape deposited in the breast (with the nipple). Two towels alternate use, every 1 minutes to replace the towel 2-3, repeated for about 15 minutes, apply to the skin was slightly red, that is to achieve results. If the mother has not lactating, sooner or later 1 times. If you have begun to secrete milk, every half hour before feeding.

after the end of normal breast-feeding, the mother will use Wen Qingshui to wipe the breast and nipple. Avoid the use of chemical products such as soap and alcohol to scrub the nipple, otherwise it will fall down due to defense ability of local breast, cracked nipples which led to bacterial infection. In the shower, use showerheads red breast, it is best to alternate hot and cold spray, alternating hot and cold stimulation is helpful to improve the chest skin tension, promote blood circulation breast.

how to maintain the beauty of the breast? Liu Yinglin made the following recommendations:

1 lactation correct feeding

during pregnancy, breast fullness always make mothers feel contented. But after weaning, the problem soon appeared, such as a "magic" vanish, breast not only no longer straight, rather than pre pregnancy is still small, and drooping like a bag, it can be frustrating. Why does the breast drop small? How to prevent postpartum breast sagging smaller? Let’s listen to the experts.

postpartum how to prevent breast sagging

3 insist on wearing a bra

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