How to carry out micro-blog marketing

micro-blog represents a company’s brand image, the company uses micro-blog to spread their enterprise dynamic product information, seize the target population. Micro-blog to do is to become a fan of their own opinion leaders, from the following aspects to develop specific strategies.

one, clear target positioning

released the high-quality information according to the characteristics and function of micro-blog, micro-blog enterprises to carry out marketing must first have a clear positioning, clear micro-blog’s function is to establish a corporate image, promote products or to carry out promotional activities such as specific objectives. Then according to the location to determine the target audience, then match up to publish their love topic, narrow the gap between the enterprises and customers from the giant mang easier to get, so as to deepen the fans attention, and publicity to skillfully brand connotation.

Although micro-blog

almost no cost, but low quality micro-blog will only lead to the loss of fans. Therefore, the content of the enterprise micro-blog should be carefully planned by the enterprise, reflecting the corporate culture and brand culture. Content will be excellent. The latest research trends of news and information industry, industry development, industry research achievements of enterprise. The content of peer concern were classification and combination, make enterprise micro-blog become a good platform for information communication and information dissemination. So as to attract the attention of the people, peers, or want to r the relevant information to visit, and continue to expand influence. To achieve the effect of word of mouth.

two, select the topic to attract fans, train potential customers

micro-blog released content should first pay attention to cater to the interests of fans, it is possible to quickly gather a certain scale fans. For these fans are subdivided, looking for potential customers. Enterprises to find out what people on micro-blog, which is the most popular, and then publish fresh, interesting and practical original information, which is the key to the establishment of a huge potential customer base.

three, updated content, full participation in


enterprise marketing is best full participation, the establishment of a special micro-blog marketing team, set up a special micro-blog management of enterprise micro blog information on updating and maintenance, control of sensitive information, but also guarantee the stability and reliability of blog content. To discuss the company’s life, many enterprises in the micro-blog work, enterprise culture and so on, to the public to show a true image of the company is full of youthful spirit of warmth. The manager of the enterprise can understand the working condition and the existing problem of the staff through the micro-blog, the staff can also ask for help, and put forward the problem and the solution of the problem in time. Enterprises should create conditions to create a good environment for the blog or the introduction of appropriate incentives, training staff continued creativity and enthusiasm, encourage employees to participate in the promotion of the brand.

four, adhere to long-term business

different enterprises, the group is not the same, the contents of the content should be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation. Some companies just on the rise or follow suit, opened a micro

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