ALEXA cheating the most powerful personal website research


please don’t open the above website! Open it will make your computer while suffering, because of the poisonous toxic poisonous!!! If you still have the curiosity, please prepare all the pages to prevent virus software, or not to seriously look, listen to me say here is enough. Personally believe that this kind of site in the short term, in addition to the owners of the individual, for other Internet users, it should be garbage.

HAOHZ.COM website was established in September 2003, with less than two months time, through the means of cheating in the country on their own ALEXA world ranking rose from zero to the top 100. And then take this to his own face, get a lot of income. And is developing step by step.

HAOHZ world rankings:

in October last year, a friend sent an address, I surprised to see, this address is:

was seen on the day of the world ranking of 34. Cheating is too NB!

HAOHZ traffic

observed haohz people know that used a lot of Web sites and cheating means, there is a certain amount of traffic, but in the end how much traffic it, I have done a test. In November 2003, I spent 600 yuan in the clear position of their home page to do a word of the ad (the other asking price is in accordance with the word, the price is still a preferential price) four. Who can guess how much traffic it brought me on the first day?

1000? Too much,

200? Too many

what is the real traffic?

my website shows a large traffic statistics system for 4 (including my own click)

a month to bring me the flow of not more than 100, I was surprised. This test can be one-sided proof, this site traffic is relatively small.

HAOHZ name

is also Hao at the beginning, as if in the light of hao123. Hao123 is NB, behind a lot of personal websites on the name to imitate it, such as zhao123. wu123 da123, etc..

good kids integrated entertainment network, the site’s reputation is very cordial, very good…… Once it is too late to regret it, of course, for the general website, the virus can be aware of the site to bring their own harm, it is necessary for some time.

HAOHZ content strategy

from its content point of view, if it does a good job of art, the page

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