120 billion 700 million! t’s time to expose the good things Ali did

Ali’s eleven is difficult to explain with the operation of the idea, and now still become an industry. It is in the field of electricity supplier in the retail field is simply super textbook level, we split it up to see it is difficult to copy.

Ali double eleven is like a foot on the shooting of the film, although the texture and technology is quite difficult to replicate, but in some direction (transport) shoot (cAMP) photo routine still have a reference.

, for example, in terms of content operations, this year’s double Ali eleven compared with last year in the direction of the biggest innovation in the content of the operation of the organization of nearly 10000 live broadcast.

from October 21st to November 11th, the official broadcast plus the total number of more than 60 thousand Reds live business field. More than 600 international big names to participate in the official broadcast, including Yang Yang, Yang Mi, and more than more than 100 entertainment stars, sports stars and the red net of the top 300 in the live broadcast with consumers in the.

frankly speaking, I have been too optimistic live, because most of the broadcast for products it is the flow of consumables, users will not live because you have this function will play you products. Unless you live in your product is a fan of the KOL, star, net red.

so here will not say Tmall content operation newbier, they spend a lot of money is not in case for global stars gathered in the Tmall platform to do live, how to do it? From hearsay heard: think that brands have to ask your product spokesperson here do a live get good flow of resources in the double eleven. (ALI operation of this good thing, is not very smart?)

Ali operations commonly used content operations planning

talk about the live broadcast, the following talk about some of the conventional operation of the contents of Ali operations planning.

overall, this year’s double eleven in the content of the quality is no doubt than last year and a step up, but in the overall strategy of playing too much new. In order to catch up with the hot start time is tight, I analyze the content of the strategy on the eleven of this year on the analysis of the last direct out, we can in accordance with the idea of the article to find some of the corresponding cases in this year.

to learn This matter should not be delayed. sliding up, Tmall content operation together.


# double eleven # operation is followed by Ali S. a little share in the perspective of operation double eleven series operation notes, structured analysis of learning in the face of Ali operation from the activities, content, user, brand, channel, micro-blog interactive layer, may occasionally BiBi several other appliance business operation of the company.

Tmall content operations do?

generalized content operation is to create, edit, organize and present the content of the website, so as to improve the value of the product to the user.

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