Zhang Yu before and after the event Youku curve

Zhang Yu after the incident, Youku CEO Mr. Koo to the Southern People Weekly reporter denied Youku involved in speculation, this is entirely the user’s personal behavior of Zhang Yu, he said. To answer this, people in the industry know how it happened but not disturbing, because it seems to be a tacit "unspoken rule". A little black humor, Zhang Yu said "the film for exposing the unspoken rule" and get a lot of moral support; but in a wink, "expose" itself is interpreted into IT circle "unspoken rule".


so let’s be honest. "Unspoken rules" everywhere, do not blame others like freshman use of the unspoken rules, if you have the opportunity, you may be more ruthless than those who use. Therefore, don’t brood on Youku operation Zhang Yu event, it is just a commercial business. In addition, is particularly interesting, don’t put Youku Zhang Yu events associated with the Chinese Internet users is not of high quality — in fact, where are the same, such as Kiko Miyuki Blogcn and blogchina, only to the high quality of the western horizon community;? Far from finished zipper incident Drudge Report and blog; near Paris, · Hilton nude finished digg.com — so the catcher said, behind every great site, there is a naked woman. (




is actually worth discussing is the effect of Youku Zhang Yu event. Let’s look at the following picture:

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this figure can basically explain three points:

1,   Youku in Zhang Yu incident, the flow is basically a sharp increase of ten times; but after the incident, flow down quickly, but basically still more than doubled in advance


2,   this Youku event marketing, the instant flow of the site, there is a great influence; but fell too fast


3,   the current video website, from Alexa, 56.com still maintained a leading position — here, qyule.com (green entertainment) suffer more, because they are client applications, traffic must have been far underestimated; and another is web video.



this blog, I would like to talk about is second points, namely

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