The future of network marketing more professional

network marketing, SEO optimization, SEM optimization, with the continuous market segmentation, will tend to be more professional. In fact, for network marketing, SEO optimization, then the point of knowledge concept, mainly in the implementation. Plan is good, not very effective implementation, it is also a vision.

so, the network marketing is more focused on the implementation, but for the development of enterprises, the first is the need for a plan, with a plan to implement. The two are complementary and indispensable. For small and medium enterprises, how to specialization? How should we go to the professional marketing staff, how can we get more user trust.

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1: the boss needs specialization

before you can say, I am the boss, I do not need to know the network marketing. In fact, at that time, not many people understand, you do not know can also make achievements. But in 2013, you said that, can only say that you are stubborn. Today’s network marketing can be said to have entered the white hot, every company is doing network marketing, are in charge of the search engine in front of several ranking. Bosses do not understand, then it will only allow enterprises to pay a greater cost, but the results do not know how to evaluate. The boss only know, can grasp the big direction, can help enterprises in the network marketing is not lost.

two: employees need specialized

is it that we hire the staff is not professional? In fact, I said that the professional staff does not mean that. Employee specialization can be understood, that is, in the network marketing, the staff should be subdivided. There are editors, artists, technical support, promotion, and so on, here you can see how to write a "professional network marketing team how to configure". Only professional staff, to be able to do things more professional, more efficient.

three: search engine more professional

we do network marketing, relying on the search engine, and in July last year to now in the year of April, Baidu can be said to have gone through a series of big algorithm improvements. This algorithm can change the face, said that many marketers are applauded, because before only some cheating methods can be ranked, and some people constantly texting worthless, (Yu Yifei Series) are not willing to see, not to mention the user to see. Through continuous improvement, can be said that the search engine more professional, more humanized, better able to let website ranking in front, it can form a good Internet environment, will allow the development of the network marketing industry better.

four: users more professional

why users will be more professional? In fact, today’s Internet users are no longer small, for the site, if

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