As a result of the popularization of the people of the network promotion strategy

this is the real experience to help enterprises tomorrow Tianya, specially brought to share with you.

in the two days I Ganji, 58 city network information platform released a sale of computer information, and then contact inside to write his own QQ number, no one to call, then today to check email and found a lot of people network mail promotion.


(this is a screenshot of the image message)


(this is another screenshot of the image message)

a total of about 10 such promotional emails, however, the brother is doing this, do not catch cold. Just run to the people of the network forum to see, look at the people’s network can give these promoters what kind of bonuses. About a few sources of income:

one, from the promotion of the extension of the link to bring the user to buy the people of the network service, you can get the highest 50% divided into,

two, pull off the line activities: with the promotion of exclusive links to introduce a friend to become a promoter, any one of your referrals to get their commissions, you can get 6-10 yuan of income.

three, the people to promote the activities of the network to get a bonus, the people of the network according to the ranking of the week to the promoters bonuses;

electricity business district, the end of the horizon that people network from this year, donkey incident to a series of means of promotion and speculation now, people’s network is indeed slowly to enhance the market position. Similarly, some promotion means that, for example those people network promotion has also angered some Ganji, 58 city network industry leader. For the people, network promotion for, the 58 city network own members send promotional links, Ganji also have action. The following is I received some notice mail:


( anti promotion mail shots, indicating that these types of "fraud" information)


(anti promotion mail screenshot two, indicating that these types of "fraud" information)

so, the classified information market is also facing a war in the end is Ganji, 58 city network and network people together, or Ganji, 58 city network, people network hegemony? Help enterprises – together with you silently watching.

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