Fantastic ad code replacement event

for a long time did not come to the webmaster network soft article. A few days ago originally wrote an article for publication, busy duties, was put down, the effect is as follows:

in the morning I open a website: May day entertainment station, found the Google Adsense code is not displayed, no haste to mail, Google mail warning found; increasingly nervously login Google Adsense, everything is normal. View other web sites, the code shows normal. Ali Ali opened the inside pages of the mother, the strange thing is that Ali does not show the bidding advertising. When I was replaced by in the background out of Ali, rebuild, Google advertising actually displayed normal."

and I in the article seriously warned the webmaster friends: don’t put Google Ali code and code at the same time, or two too close, and so on……

today I log on to the Google Adsense routine, see from the May day web site advertising channels, click data fell, open the site, the code does not show It is as expected, but fortunately, a few days ago, the violence sweat that article did not send out, the problem is not in the same place when Ali tried to generate the page in! The background, code is normal, then the heart is dongche reason: the code replaced


view does not display the Google advertising page source code, as expected, google_ad_client = " pub-7578075948465666”: the line numbers in the string 7578075948465666 is not my Google Adsense code in digital string. In retrospect, that day Ali does not show competitive advertising, it should be replaced by the code ID string.

had heard of the site was invaded, receiving bank account to be modified; website is linked to the Trojan is advertising code is replaced with homely food, it is the first time, but he did! Is really a dog in the manger, replaced his code on my website, Google does not display advertising, and Ali and to bind the domain name to account billing, here advised him to be kind, or don’t do these things, as long as the Internet technology, many formal ways of making money.

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