The fourth phase of the Shanghai gathering will be held

7 28, Shanghai webmaster Association organized the fourth phase of the gathering will be held as scheduled. According to incomplete statistics, the number of parameters in the 70 right. Has exceeded the organizers’ expectations.

organizers, will be at the party to do the development of the 2 party theme speech. Party 2 draws on the idea of Web2.0, but also learn from foreign BarCamp conference model.

a duty station host, will guide several represent a successful operation experience and failure operation experience and site webmaster, webmaster "success and failure" website operators do a webmaster brainstorming program".

next, the station will be in accordance with the topic of interest, exchange of different themes, interactive. The site also arranged a signed paper side of 4*1.5M, to facilitate the webmaster graffiti, will record the site exchange thought, income at the signing of paper. Organizers will then sign the contents of the paper, "transfer" to the Shanghai webmaster forum to share with more webmaster.

details, please pay attention:

our Party 2, always Beta version, has been trying to improve and. Fourth Shanghai webmaster party, and a new version of the.

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