Trendsetter electricity supplier YOHO! There are goods business 80% quarter sold out rule

is responsible for the electricity supplier business YOHO! Vice president button Cong laugh


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From the end of 2008

for the opening line of business, to enter the field of electricity supplier fashion magazine "YOHO!" a little tide annals, up early taste of YOHO in the electricity supplier, the money burn a crazy moment! There are goods ( and no special dazzling development, but get a sum of 10 million dollars of venture capital.

but also fortunately, YOHO electricity supplier in the collective suffered cold fall again, no! Rushed to the night set".

has been for flower development, in charge of business vice president YOHO! Button Congxiao view, because the basic theories and methods of many electricity supplier operations do not have, for example, such as customer service inventory is not benign professions, such as shopping process cumbersome, the details of the treatment is not good.

but to the crowd as the trendsetter electricity supplier vertical target classification, whether it is the market? In the fashion business, YOHO! Goods have two reference, is a Japanese fashion electricity supplier ZOZOTOWN, the other is a British fashion shopping site ASOS.

as a listed company ZOZOTOWN was founded in 2004, the positioning of the online channel retail brands, the sale of fashion frontier tide clothing. In Lotte, Yahoo! JAPAN such strong competitors, ZOZOTOWN sales could reach 500-600 billion yen (about 30-38 billion yuan), net profit can reach about 10%, with Zhiquan Kuba founder Wang described as "a very moist".

and the British fashion website ASOS right now red, its designer brand and the sale of clothing, has become the main battlefield of Taobao Shanghai purchasing. According to media disclosure of data, in 2011 its sales reached 340 million pounds (about RMB 3 billion 214 million), and is expected in 2015, its sales will reach $1 billion (about 9 billion 454 million yuan).

Although the British

, Japan has been in the forefront of fashion, and Chinese pop some relatively backward, but in recent years first-tier cities consumption habits have greatly improved, and let the button Congxiao think trendsetter drama is a set of business data: new guest over the past few years, the increase of ZOZOTOWN ratio is 50%, and the YOHO! In the same period the new customer growth rate reached 80%.

so in July 2011, YOHO, the group began to restructure the electricity supplier business to get on the right track.

, for example, the electricity supplier from the original community below a website, pumping into an independent website, began a more refined operation. In doing YOHO! Before the electricity supplier, YO>

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