Do not blindly rely on the enthusiasm of the nternet

      recently, some friends want to do site planning, and I exchange some basic questions, such as how to form the site of differentiated development, how to promote exchanges and so on, I found a lot of people are utterly ignorant of even the basic knowledge, do so out of many websites is malformed or semi garbage station.

      for example, this afternoon a friend enthusiastic introduced me to their website, is engaged in a software download, similar to China’s website. She asked me how to do to open up the situation, so that the site continued to operate well. I asked her several basic problems, found that she is a layman of Internet, I wondered, blind by enthusiasm you can do the site?

      first I asked her how to collect their software, she said the staff responsible, I said it looked so as to learn Ku6, harass the people and waste money, he asked me what is Ku6, I simply introduce the Ku6 model, I said I collected too trouble if it is not. A reward "Upload", each registered an account, upload a software product 10 points, and then download a product 1 points, points to a certain extent can be done for money. She said she didn’t know which software download sites are doing this, I said you needed early accumulation of popularity I must have to do so, who do not give benefits to join the unknown. So, the first point is that many owners do not know how to seek a different development, so we had to imitate, not stereotyped features. Do you like people than you do early, what makes you catch up from behind.

      I asked her how much money hit the site, because the site is not profitable at the beginning of the establishment, must burn a certain amount of money, she said no money. So, the second point is the use of many owners for funds have done no concept of budget, if the money is not enough not to fight a protracted stand then I suggest you don’t do this year, well you site disaster caused by flooding water, the site is likely to be lost. In addition this year is not so easy to find angel investment, don’t think you have a Idea you can cheat investment. And even if you take the investment to know how to use it, not to give him more money is useless?

      I asked her if she could do what I was talking about. She said she wouldn’t change the code. Dizzy, I probably know some open source, most of them can only meet the basic functional requirements, if you want to make a difference to probably have to hire professional and technical personnel development and maintenance, especially some relatively high technological content of the website. Of course, if your marketing ability is particularly strong, you can put out a rotten website can also be regarded as your cattle, but it seems that the survival of the fittest in the Internet development mechanism under this situation is minimal.

      then I suggested >

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