12306 web site denied the sale of train tickets queuing function

in September 20th to 12306 booking is difficult, is the railway sector to stay inside the ticket, in the title, reported on the eve of the holiday netizens questioned. News editions, the railway department apologized, and then there are media reports, starting from the day before yesterday, 12306 sites on the abolition of the queuing function. Yesterday, the reporter called the customer service, customer service staff said that at present there is no access to the site to cancel the queue, the notice, the industry also analyzed 12306 unlikely".

Yangzi Evening News reporter Xu Yuanyuan

reporter test: yesterday, some queuing, and some did not row

yesterday, Yangzi Evening News reporter in 12306 on the site were purchased in Nanjing in September 29th to Beijing, Nanjing to Xuzhou two tickets, click on the "pay" button, "and did not see in front of you * * people waiting for the prompt box, it is" respect for the customer, the train you choose I do not have more than two seat tickets Zhang *, *, hereby remind." And "respect for the customer, the train you choose I do not there are more than 1 tickets, 0 tickets without seat, at present, the queue number has exceeded more than the number of tickets, please choose other other train times, warning". The first ticket, the reporter confirmed that after the successful purchase of the. Second tickets, although the reporter had to buy other trips, but also don’t have to queue up.

, however, yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock, the reporter in the log on the website to buy Changzhou to Quanjiao tickets, but still queuing up in 12306. Reporters Click to pay, on the line for half an hour before buying tickets.

12306 customer service: did not receive cancel queue notification

reporter saw on micro-blog, netizens for cancel queue rumors are very excited". Cancel well! Look at there are 40 tickets, told me that there are 20 people in the front row, I have waited for two hours, to how I suggest no tickets? "" I pay when the computer is jammed, the results of the second log into the time of payment, which actually did not continue to pay the exit button, I also not to buy, customer service also said do not know how, but finally I don’t have to queue up, happy!"……

yesterday, however, reporters call 12306 customer service, the staff said it did not receive the cancellation queue notice, for passengers to buy tickets when there is no queue situation, they do not know.

industry analysis: cancel the queue is unlikely to

industry believes that the establishment of the railway system queuing system, only part of the popular line users will be activated when ordering. And now most buyers are buying off peak tickets, so this function has not been activated, to the national day, on the eve of Spring Festival, with great moments, will be activated again this function. But reporters yesterday afternoon 3 points this node, is also the focus of a return ticket booking peak.

The main purpose of the

queue is to reduce the pressure on the total pool

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