Global donation network to build a platform for the donation of idle items

  each family may have some idle items, with a new global donation network can help you find a good way to deal with.

charity has priority

in the United States, New York, 12 thousand tons of garbage generated every day, of which only recyclable recyclable waste recycling of only 50%. In order to solve this problem, the United States environmental activist Delong · Bill in 2003 created a free goods trading platform, to encourage people to be idle items free of charge to the people in need.

Members of the

trading platform (Freecycle group) publish items that they no longer need to email to a local group mailing list. If other members are interested in this item, you can reply to the publisher; if more than one person is interested in the item, the publisher must select a person from all interested members. The charity has the right of access to this article. Then the two sides to discuss the pick up time and place. Users can also publish information on the website to facilitate the possession of the goods with you. Items on this platform must be legal and must be "suitable for everyday life".

"helps fight the recession"

lives in New York, Simmons is a member of the global donation network. Her daughter 7 months, baby clothes, toys, many CD are in the online donation for, one is electric rocking chair enthusiastic users of unused items. Some daughters do not use things, Simmons will donate to the internet.

Simmons said, this is very useful, many people need different items, such as household items, baby supplies or their own things. And there are a lot of homeless people (we need a lot of things), and we’re in a recession, and it’s a good idea to provide something that people need."

According to

, the global network also plans to launch a local education program to tell people about recycling and how to reduce waste knowledge.

: Global donation network

English: The Freecycle Network

web site:  

language: currently only English interface, but you can search the China to find the Chinese group

goal: to build a "global idle goods economy" to reduce the production of waste, slow down the momentum of consumerism, and through donations to connect people

Freecycle tip:

don’t provide sale items, not boring chat, also do not trade.

if a non-profit organization is interested in the items you are publishing, please give it to

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