Webmaster nets daily broadcast Liu Qiangdong responded to the attack 360 hours of Baidu’s attack on

1 Baidu attack each other for 24 hours to fight 360 or five will face charges


4 pm yesterday, the Qihoo 360 issued a statement shelling of the search industry monopoly and unfair, as Google exit Chinese market in 2010, Chinese search market become a giant monopoly market.

3Q from the war to the mistress war, first questioning the character, and then questioned, finally questioned the business model is the "cardinal" Zhou Hongyi’s routine. This time, Robin Li has not always calm face shot against, but shot but also wonderful, and the original Tencent let users between QQ and 360 security guards and one of two different, the Baidu resorted to combat illegal capture and anonymous access measures to decline the 360 search the "uninvited guest".


Baidu 360 attack each other for 24 hours to fight 360 or five will face charges

2 beautiful younger programmers go route 12 year olds to develop 98 games

Tencent Francisco Beijing on August 30th news, according to foreign media reports, in the training of high quality engineers, the United States and India are being Chinese behind, so the United States is primary school and middle school curriculum popularization of computer programming. At the same time, Lua as the representative of the entry-level programming language has become the future of young people in the United States access to high-level programming tools to knock on the door.


programmers go younger route 12 year olds to develop 98 games

3 pass 360 ad has been quietly on the line has not yet formally put into use

Qihoo 360 (NYSE:QIHU) and Baidu (Nasdaq:BIDU) each other to start the attack, the battlefield is dominated by Baidu search market Chinese.

late on the night of August 28th, Baidu suddenly shot, jump from 360 in the search request; Qihoo 360 will be Baidu search page navigation service emergency withdrawal of default. The contentious battle of wits lasted for hours, attracted many onlookers. But since then, the two sides battle of wits was halted, tempt the appetite of people "3B" battle just pushing each other several times, and each station set.

to yesterday’s deadline, the Qihoo 360 intraday stock price rose about 4%, Baidu fell by about 5%.

Domestic search

account for nearly 80% of the market share in Baidu, Qihoo 360 is the hope that through this war caused the attention of the opponent. Prior to August 16th, 360 officially launched the search, but last night this war, more and more people began to know, security software started Qihoo 360 should have search.

this is not the first

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