From the media, you too proud

in such an era, more and more people started writing online, networking, from the media, fans gathered, selling products, but the vast majority of people do a period of time in the early or after they give up, quietly exit the



because there is no return, no one concerned, no contacts, no sense of success, which will lose the momentum to continue. So many people had to leave


mostly because they did not get a lot of exposure, did not get a greater show, there is no rapid accumulation of the first to support their own people. The reason, wood seems much is not open, too much, a lot of things bothered to do, that’s a rookie to do, if you feel what also wrote many articles, read a lot of books, there are some people more or less attention, but also a little celebrity.

from the media, the Internet big word on how to listen, or have a "blog", the natural bones have a proud



so, should he go with some tricks to get more attention? No way, I rely on my

content is enough!

wants him to do the promotion, publicity everywhere propaganda, leaving comments, QQ group chat experience, forum post, contribute, do push each other? No way, it also lost no shame I do?


asked him to talk about some of their predecessors and actively play good relations, actively communicate with strangers, take the initiative to contact friends to maintain feelings, initiative and peer exchange, take the initiative to help their fans? No way, they do not take the initiative to contact me

?In fact,

writing, networking, poly fans, from the media to do early, you have to take the initiative to a point, don’t take yourself to see how delicate, is detrimental to their image the feeling of doing something. All this is not necessary, at the beginning of your title, image and honor what these are what give yourself wearing, not what others give you, behind the image, others give you praise that is the most real.

so why many people fail? Is because is always in the state of indulge in self-admiration feel good after, think back what is not. Only a lot of things to do their own initiative, it will be effective.

to poly powder, to gain popularity, to exposure, we must first attract eyeball, get more exposure and pre show, who will help you take the initiative to exposure? That have to rely on yourself to do the promotion, to publish articles to site leave comments, contribute to contact the well-known website again and again in the QQ group, to answer people’s questions…………… And so on…

if you feel like you do this, it is wrong, now you see the media blog great coffee, great coffee, which one is not everywhere before doing promotion, to do publicity, "

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