Cross border electricity supplier EDM marketing 5 recommendations how not on the blacklist

news December 18th, e-commerce marketing service provider Smartfocus general manager of Chinese District Yang Bo said, due to customs and culture, consumption habits, level of economic development in different areas, cross-border business email marketing and there is a big difference compared to the domestic electricity supplier. For cross-border electricity supplier business e-mail marketing, he gives five suggestions.


Smartfocus China General Manager Yang Bo

first, attaches great importance to intellectual products, does not contain counterfeit brands or three products of the mail sent to overseas users.

Yang Bo to billion state power network that, compared to the domestic and foreign users and brands have attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, if Chinese cross-border business enterprise contain "informal" products to overseas users send mail, is likely to receive a large number of user complaints, and by foreign anti spam organization blacklist, it will affect the normal business email marketing.

"whether you are using Gmail, AOL or hotmail e-mail, when the complaint rate reaches a certain value, they will directly throw you into the blacklist. After you send any mail, even if it is the right product, will be directly into the user’s trash."

second, SNS marketing and e-mail marketing more closely integrated. Yang Bo said that foreign users like to share, SNS marketing and e-mail marketing to get through, you can significantly improve the marketing effect, the formation of two sales.

"they’ll send a message like" I bought a very good razor, only $3, made in China "to facebook. This is rare in China, but in Europe and the United States is very common."

Yang Bo, for example, enterprises can embed "share to social networks" button in the message, and prompts the user: "if you share it, you can get a discount, you click on your friends to share links, will also be able to get the discount" or "if you are opinion leaders, or a lot of fans, as long as your fans forwarded this link 100 times, I put this product for you".

third, the consumption habits of users in different countries are very different, the need for differentiated marketing. "Thanksgiving is very popular in the United States and canada. But if you do a big promotion for Europe, you are likely to fail. Because in many parts of Europe, it’s thanksgiving." Yang Bo said.

Yang Bo suggested that the target market culture, customs and festivals clear understanding, and then refer to the user’s historical consumer behavior, to design promotional strategies and products. He cited a marketing example of the Russian market.

"Russian is the price value, will be repeated emails with your bargain, so you have to spend a lot of time in communication, marketing costs are high. Later, we made a flash purchase, said the original price of 400 yuan of products, this

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