Regional friends forum friends community wonderful life

with the growing popularity of computers and the Internet, more and more Internet users in Panyu, many Internet users to communicate with some of the site platform, spontaneously formed a community of friends. In the virtual world of the network, they post and flash, and other ways to enjoy the convenience brought by the community and the joy of life, but also bear a variety of social responsibility in the community of friends. Panyu netizen community friends community, is currently one of the largest participants in Panyu, one of the most influential users of the community, the reporter interviewed the founder of its special Wang, learned that the site was sought after reasons.
"did not think there are so many netizens"

Feng told reporters, when in 2003 he from a university in Henan alone came to Panyu to work, feel a bit lonely and lonely, so the use of spare time to start the site. His intention is to create a platform for making friends, know more friends. The name of the site took him a lot of worry, and finally think good. He explained that "py" is the abbreviation for Panyu, is also a friend, and "168" is the "homophonic way". But he did not expect is that after the establishment of the site so much sought after by the Internet users in Panyu, Panyu’s largest network community. He told reporters that the current registered users of the site up to 37000 people, and is still growing rapidly. Online average of 400 to 500 people.

Feng told reporters, now Panyu netizen community website basically managed by netizens spontaneously, no big thing he generally does not personally intervene. There are 116 netizens in compulsory web site as moderators, they are by netizens and review selected, website administrator is also served by netizens obligations. Netizens also spontaneously formed various associations, carry out various activities and management activities arranged in good order.

colorful user community activities

Panyu friends of the community site will come from different regions and different jobs people gathered together, they use the site as a platform for communication and exchange, published a variety of ideas, to carry out activities. Fung told reporters that at present there are more than 20 Panyu netizen community friends community by netizens spontaneously formed associations, such as engaged in outdoor activities, "backpacker" engaged in activities "FB delicacy delicacy agent", "Love Charity alliance", and photography, sports and other various association. The size of each month there are ten or twenty activities, the number of participants ranging from less than six or seven people, more than more than and 120 people. This year they also successfully held the second Panyu netizen community community badminton and basketball competition.

this month Panyu netizen community friends community held many interesting activities, such as the November 11th "singles day" parties, 12 days of Guangzhou photography activities. The end of the month, "love alliance" to mobilize friends donated books, help Fogang County of Qingyuan City, Yan Ling hope primary school library construction. At the beginning of next year, Panyu will also host the netizen community named "Dragon Mountain challenge oriented Panyu", an outdoor sports enthusiasts to enroll in the team, where the initially selected in dafushan Forest Park, is now.

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