How to promote the industry portal website

industry portal gives people the feeling that a lot of content, a wide range of information, very professional. Indeed, do industry portal if there is no certain strength, a certain understanding is impossible to do. In recent years, it has been found that the company is usually the company itself is the industry’s industry, and has a certain history and strength. China’s auto lighting portal is the same, the company itself to do automotive lighting products, so we have a better understanding of the industry.

but it has also brought some problems, the problem is to avoid arousing suspicion. If the company wants to avoid arousing suspicion, then there is the problem of website promotion. Because the site’s record, the company’s address as well as the promotion of the identity of the positioning problem is very embarrassing. But also to the promotion of waste. In fact, after understanding the experience of other industries web site, we found that the site is not necessary to avoid arousing suspicion, because the user site if interested, prone to trust, it is good to promote the company’s products, is mutually beneficial. Of course, the latter is the best to set up a new company, so more objective.

The first issue of the

industry portal is the release of the news. No matter which industry news, the site does not have a certain strength that is not good. But if you have an interview with reporters, not for large companies, the cost is really can not afford to do. In particular, the initial stage of the site, the more adventurous. In fact, for the news, or can go to other large news site collection. I have seen several websites are doing so. Most of them are reproduced, rarely written by their own. The effect is not very good, but also for the search engine, the benefits are reproduced in the online. But it doesn’t matter. We still have other benefits.

site promotion of the second problem is the problem of industry information. Including product supply and demand information, recruitment information, business recommendations, industry information, etc.. A large amount of information, a wide range of. Many of the fledgling industry portal mostly with pseudo original solution. Is to find other websites, blogs, and modify the head and tail, intermediate repair, add your link. Pseudo original effect is still good, at least for the search engine, or can get a good collection and ranking. However, it is best to keep a few articles every day is the original website. As long as there are other sites reproduced, then bring the weight of the web page is very high.

third problem is the key words. Industry portal, coverage is very wide. But does not mean that there are a lot of keywords. To know that in the industry, the key words for the product, there are many related businesses, but also spent money to promote. If you follow suit, unless you have money, or no effect. In our experience, the key word is best to choose within 5, but also to choose the industry’s general. For example, we do automotive products, we choose is the Chinese automotive lighting, automotive lighting, car lights, these three keywords. In particular, we should not be so concerned about what key election

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