Web2.0 era smiling face marketing strategy

grassroots webmaster are most concerned about two things: flow, conversion rate. All SEO not easy to flow up, found that the conversion rate is very low, still there is no way to flow. The reason lies in the lack of trust between your website and visitors. How, you will encounter on the road an insurance salesman, then immediately buy his insurance? Of course not, this is a "no confidence" in the event, and your site is also the crux of the problem. There are many ways to enhance the trust of visitors to the site, this article will tell you: how to use the smile to enhance the sense of visitors.

let visitors know who you are

It’s important for

to let visitors know who you are. Grassroots webmaster website is not well-known site, people usually have a natural sense of rejection and distance for strange things. If you can be the first time visitors to the site, in the appropriate position to put your smile, and with a brief self introduction, you can immediately increase the visitor’s sense of trust in the site. Let’s take a look at the contrast between the two pictures below and tell me which one do you prefer?


the first picture contains the personal image of the webmaster, second pictures are not included, which feel more trust? I believe that all of us have the answer.

why Adsense don’t like to open yourself?

many webmaster not love to open their own photos on the site, for many reasons, some people think that this is not necessary, some people think that their long too wretched. In fact, these are not the key, the key question is, not to disclose the identity of their own behavior can be irresponsible, isn’t it? People say small village in the city public security is good, it is because you know everyone, are open to the public, are afraid to do bad things. To the big city is not the same, a lot of people in a big city, a person does not know, so do something bad is not afraid, anyway, no one knows you. Therefore, when you use the real photos on the site to show people, will also play a regulatory role, as Google’s corporate Manifesto: not evil.

how to strengthen your smiling face marketing (personal brand marketing)

most of the webmaster is used by the end of this article, "reading" and "add to the scoring" such functions, in fact, you should be at the end of the paper with small photos and descriptions of their own, which is a little "about the author", you can attach your QQ or email, readers can know how to contact to you, this has the advantage of two things:

1, the article after the reprint, the equivalent of your personal brand marketing plus a point.

2, the reader and your interaction in QQ or mailbox, will provide you with more topics, you can send these letters to the network

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