Aipai children website publicity 4 magic weapon

aipai’s website from the establishment to officially launched only 5 days, is how to do PV every day more than 30000, more than IP5000?

this propaganda way on the following

1, the use of popular keywords

we all know what is the news now, every day people spoken mostly in Yushu, from the Baidu search and list can be seen in the word search number is big, while aipai son clung to the website is a keyword, the line for second days, I made such a post in Yushu Baidu Post Bar: Yushu Star donation receipt, select this title for two reasons, one is to grasp the word "Yushu", the two is to catch people curiosity, now many people are very concerned about what stars do, this is no exception, with the implementation of a series of measures for Yushu earthquake, people those stars began to concern for Yushu how much, how much money donated, then I sent 2 star donation receipt in this post, some of the remaining stars The receipt on the aipai children website forums, when you see this post not in Baidu Post Bar, they are very curious, they will continue to look for a star worship whether such donations, they will be set in advance according to my "trap" to jump in, which brings a lot to the site flow. Of course, the premise is to ensure that Baidu Post Bar I in this post will not sink to the bottom, then of course there will be a lot of vest to the top post, because people are very strange, if a post writes well, no one roof, then there is no other people to go to the top of this post, when they see this post there are so many people know they will be unable to restrain the emotions said a few words, so that our purpose is achieved, as long as their top post, do you think what is the result? You naturally post always on the first page of the Yushu daily visitors! Post Bar about 400000, so a huge number, how can we not seize


2, the use of human resources

aipai is emphasis on literature and art of the tribe, community, so the most time, the mood to write these things is what the crowd? Students! They are in the leisure class, and is very want to express themselves, so why don’t we meet this demand for them? They provide such a platform, let them say, to express! But the most important thing is to have a personal blog on the website, he spontaneously invited his circle of friends to see his things such as can be imagined, to flow naturally, but also by the inviter would open the blog, once again invited his friend the circle, so the cycle to the development of our website has played a great role in promoting. Another aipai found the local federation of literary and art circles, they listen to, feel good, to recommend to their son aipai that circle, itself is a lover of literature service, so as to find ways of effective utilization of network resources, the benign development of the site plays a role can not be underestimated

3, the use of

to spread the literature magazine < >

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