We count all the holiday marketing found in 2016……

these days plum flowers are inventory 2016 holiday marketing, suddenly found…… In all the holiday marketing in 2016, there are a lot of the theme of holiday marketing is – single dog abuse……

traditional Valentine’s day, Tanabata Festival, Christmas Dog abuse even, and now even Halloween, children’s Day is also a dog abuse……

holiday marketing, like a couple of small single dog at the feast, the air was filled with the love of the sour smell, ha ha.

today, plum flowers to inventory in 2016, child abuse marketing, single Wang who have the courage to look at it!

– February –

years after the first dog Festival is Valentine’s day,

will be able to go out to eat a meal by Valentine’s Day activities, such as the "kiss Sibelius Festival discount"…… Kiss a mouth, make a break, the more the deeper, the more discount, love is so simple and pure!



and on the Internet, almost all brands will make a poster to……



# live the way home together #

love no bug


# live the way home together #

love no Deadline


# live the way home together #

love no Plan B


# live the way home together #

love does not burst

foreign Valentine’s day more sweet, a brand is a billboard, billboard is a seemingly unshaven man:


came closer, the original is a bearded Rose:


passed by many people will use this rose to vindicate……


rose also tied a note, what to write on it with a video to see it:

"please don’t stimulate her this day, come and have a happy Valentine’s Day!"

is the original razor brand advertising, roses when you lose thorn, relatives remember to shave.

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