How to capture the hearts of tens of millions of users with a few words

today is the era of the Internet, marketing methods, the rapid spread of the carrier. A few years ago Sina micro-blog hot trend gradually cooling; "WeChat" Ma Huateng proud products through the air was born, but in an instant lit about 1000000000 people China social enthusiasm. The businesses in which the smell of unlimited business opportunities, with the continuous improvement of the upgrading of the public number, the rise of micro shop, advertising into a large circle of friends, have a get out of hand rhythm.

how to attract fans, the majority of businesses have racked their brains to fight for the goal. Why would the fans to focus on the public number, there are two possibilities: one is a public, there is often a rich and colorful online awards, the other is a public number, can not resist the temptation of beauty. What you say now?? too many similar articles, not to attract users come?? today, I have to share the real experience, how to create high-quality title, attract the attention of the user, so that everyone in the public number of fans soaring up.

WeChat is not popular, I play the forum. Although it has been in the forum post, consciously content page creation is not bad, but little No one shows any interest in, click.

one day, I published an essay, subject to "the real experience of the day, some of the terrible" CPI really going up, the content is a family car, parking 20 pieces of work, lunch, took more than and 20, that the current price level is too high. In fact, it is also a very common article, published 3 hours later, the number of hits was broken. Later found when the page displays the title of the article is small, the forum to "open a luxury car to go to work, but to brood on meals have been soaring!" hits, second days reading amount to about 8W… I can’t believe this data, but from it, I also feel the great charm of Title bring.

last year, on Christmas Eve, the company to each employee to send a bottle of Apple + hand cream. I wrote an article, the content is very common, like a straightforward narrative, can take the title is very exaggerated


fast new year’s time, there is a copy of sina micro-blog, said the work in February only a few days, so I took the opportunity to come up with a title:

from these cases, we can find that a good title, the text of the click reading is able to bring a very big role in promoting. A title if the user at a glance, like many domestic drama, the first episode will know all, who will be willing to continue to look down? Similarly, if the user read this article in the title will know what to say, so unless your article view is very novel, the content has a unique opinion, otherwise it is difficult to tease from the user’s desire to read.

I hope this article can bring some help to the operation of WeChat marketing friends, but also I wish you WeChat public number of fans in the new year to achieve a new breakthrough!

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