The office of the small movement of anti health network female breast ptosis

fitness instructor Lin Zhanghua here to teach the office workers a few strokes.

exercise neck, shoulder part –

4: relax leg posture, legs straight up and down to the ground level, blood circulation, repeated for about 15 minutes, relax both legs shrink belly. Get up in the morning to do, but also eliminate eyelid edema.

2 minus waist abdomen: standing posture, stretching to the side of the waist, alternately.

2 chest movement: body posture, back seat lumbar, relax, chest, head back to cervical activity. Can improve the kyphosis, but also to prevent female breast ptosis.

3 practice: sitting in his hands, lumbar legs, body curled up.

above the action with breathing, each practice to do 2-3 times, each practice adhere to 50 seconds.

1 cervical vertebra exercise: sit to the side, hold hands and head, let each other hard top, around the turn.

exercise the leg parts —

1 lumbar exercises: standing posture, with arms outstretched, head forward, back, back, as far as possible.

Miss Li said, the desk increased in their serious office too loud. "There is no movement in what is suitable for small work time to do, can relieve the cervical and lumbar pain?"

3 shrug movement: sitting, hands on his shoulders, his arms expansion and rotary motion, can prevent periarthritis of shoulder.

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