How to achieve the best effect of advertising

many small and medium-sized enterprises love put some hard advertising, but the results are unsatisfactory. The reason is that you do not have a good grasp of advertising skills, can not allow users to be attracted by your ad, it will not reach the promotion effect. And we should pay attention to the rules of advertising in AIDA, perhaps this will make the advertising effect is better. Here, the small series to elaborate on the essentials of AIDA rules and a better way of advertising.

first of all, we should allow the user to pay attention to your advertisement, so as to have a simple understanding of the brand. If caught, the first step is a success. In this case, I have to mention a way of Advertising – Verification Code advertising. Because this kind of advertisement has to make the user pay attention to your advertisement, otherwise some operations can not be executed.


users noticed this advertisement will not be interested in the advertisement? Will not simply glance at the other page? So, when we do advertising must let the user interested. This will allow users to enter the page for in-depth understanding. If you say that your advertising is the user needs, often allows users to enter the advertising page.

interested in advertising so that users have a more detailed understanding of the product, then this should allow users to produce the desire to buy, that is often said that the possessive". Basically, you’ve been successful in this step. But it’s a step, you have to give the user a reason. For example, you sell a cloud host. Cloud host configuration is very good, then you should give users a reason, such as a relatively low price.

after the baptism of the first three steps, the user will eventually turn all desires into action in line with the advertising objectives. At this time, it is a truly rewarding advertising.

know that a return to the development process of advertising, we still need some specific skills.

first of all, to be attractive advertising, in principle. The larger the size of the ad, the better, the greater the advertising can get the attention of users. To allow users to understand the intention of advertising in a flash.

the second picture file size is not too large, not too fancy, the maximum not more than 15kb. Color to have a certain impact, yellow, orange, blue and green is the preferred color. If it is text ads, it is best to have the color of the text ads. In text ads dense, a unique color advertisement can attract more users.

advertising content should be clear and concise, so that users generally know how this is a kind of advertising. Of course, in the selection of content "free" "Gospel" this series of words is the most worthy of our use. For example, a web site a text advertising description is the gospel of the webmaster". Only 5 characters, attracted a lot of onlookers.

ads to choose the place of delivery. For example, hanging military supplies on military networks is often better than hanging on military websites

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