WeChat how to become the mobile nternet era predators


mobile Internet era, mobile applications and mobile social era of rampant, the spread of the mobile Internet era, WeChat as a mobile application social landmark, has deep into every field of mobile applications, in marketing, advertising, business, social integration, powerful WeChat become the supporting force of the mobile Internet the most important development recently, WeChat launched a short video features, and, in addition to short video features, WeChat is also actively seeking cooperation with the Internet business, to achieve great development of the Internet and mobile Internet through effective interface, the mobile Internet era, WeChat has become the integration of various elements of the development of the situation, multiple promotion model. With the development of the WeChat era has become the era of mobile Internet predators".

WeChat involved in the regular army, circle of friends bear the brunt of


as a social network software, is used for social customization service users, the launch of the circle of friends is also in the appropriate areas for social interaction development space, but, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2014 the number of users WeChat so far has exceeded 600 million, including overseas users, WeChat is expected to become the next is the communication operators, the huge flow of WeChat and electronic business platform docking has become a perfect place, the current WeChat achieved with the Jingdong and the successful docking of pat Network, micro business era officially opened, the WeChat in the regular army, completely broke the short-term phenomenon before purchasing circle of friends, become WeChat step by step effective way of development and operation of the electricity supplier.

WeChat marketing, fingertips marketing artifact

for WeChat, is no longer the only example of mobile social networking tools, because the flow population is huge, more and more traffic marketing has become the most important and the most basic WeChat solid, it appears from the WeChat level, WeChat’s marketing has covered many aspects of finance, shopping, and other brands, is not only a kind of new social, more bearing is a new mode of marketing to WeChat, as WeChat fans flow based marketing, in the circle of friends as a new channel of communication development, at the same time with the WeChat public and enterprise’s effective promotion has become a unique WeChat era of marketing tools.

WeChat operations, predator traffic into key

WeChat has been able to obtain such a high popularity and all-round development of the opportunity, WeChat is using the most important flow, tens of thousands of traffic becomes the most basic guarantee for the development of WeChat, WeChat has become an important place to gather flow, as the flow of continuous depth development, more and more traffic has become the key of the development of the Internet however, blindly pursue and flow is not the best channel, WeChat has become the traffic into the intermediary, the use of large flow base and more show flow development benefits, with the flow of talk, development is the most important and most critical, WeChat has become a rare weapon in the "prey" traffic flow and transformation.


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