What are the problems of micro-blog marketing process


marketing is not what fresh topic, but compared with the traditional way of network promotion, micro-blog is still a relatively new way of marketing, micro-blog’s popularity we are obvious to people, but many people do but do good business is not much. Micro-blog marketing is a kind of micro-blog platform to create a profit for the enterprise or individual marketing model, is a kind of innovation. Many enterprises in the marketing of micro-blog there are a lot of problems, this article I share with you what are the problems. Whether micro-blog or WeChat or micro video, or any other new marketing methods, we have to seriously study, rather than blindly follow suit!

1, to

. It is very urgent and understandable for the enterprise to obtain the customer’s mood. Micro-blog marketing companies want to quickly expand the popularity of this channel through micro-blog, access to a large number of user concerns. Therefore, some enterprises often take some non normal way to achieve this purpose, such as the number of fans by way of false purchase, some enterprises to get fans and forward through the establishment of expensive prizes. However, this must be clear, quick action not only help to realize the enterprise marketing purposes, sometimes, but may cause negative effect. How much the number of fans, it seems to be a sign of the success of micro-blog enterprise marketing, but not the real purpose of this and we optimize the site’s purpose, ranking is not the ultimate aim, bring the customer is king.

can quickly get a lot of user attention, depending on many aspects. In the era of widespread concern about the spread of micro-blog, micro-blog is not a sufficient condition for the establishment of enterprise marketing advantages, but a necessary condition. The enterprise anxious attitude not only to find the problem, but also the loss of self promotion opportunities.

2, location unknown. A typical phenomenon in contemporary popular micro-blog is released through interesting and practical information, even through the ‘broke the news to get a lot of attention of the user, and then into a large commercial micro-blog further through commercials to get interest income, this is a common practice at present individual or group for micro-blog. However, for small and medium enterprises, whether it can also improve their visibility through this approach, and then to achieve their own standard?. Facts have proved that some companies use this method, it may not only help to improve the goodwill of the enterprise, but it is the ambiguity of the identity of the enterprise, to be familiar with the company’s users caused confusion.

enterprise micro-blog is also a display of corporate identity, should be consistent with the line or other online channels to shape the image consistent with the corporate philosophy and long-term development goals. Blindly follow the trend of screening and screening of the so-called social hot and vulgar information to attract the attention of micro-blog users and consumers, the effect may be counterproductive.

3, lack of interaction. The biggest feature of the Internet

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