How to use social media to increase sales and build brand awareness

to explore the role of social media and how to increase sales through social media and create brand awareness effect.

social media (Social Media)

has too many articles to describe the advantages of social media and how to help consumers make informed online decisions. As with other marketing tools, it is important to understand its market and communication characteristics. Its social and many unique features can send interesting or targeted messages to potential customers and existing customers through each platform. There are a number of ways to achieve the above goals, but let’s take a closer look at the more positive response.

first: look, listen and learn

you should know what you are talking about when you participate in a social media conversation". At first, the best way is to observe how you discuss your brand and your products / services. This can help you plan a plan and understand the information necessary for the successful monitoring of what is being said, including to answer consumer questions, clarify the facts, and even in some cases, consumers complain that the correct. We can learn from and use some foreign monitoring tools, such as:

Techrigy – SM2


Nielsen BuzzMetrics

these monitoring tools can make the market for staff to understand a brand or topic reviewer gender, age and location, but also to catch them say "what", including the negative emotional factors are positive / replies. Finally, a core advantage is the ability to help find out which web site or website. Including blogs, social networks, micro-blog, ratings and reviews.


next: action

After the

has been monitored, the next step is to decide which is the responsibility of the company’s marketing department and which should be handled by the agent or local sales point. Sounds simple, but details determine success or failure. Let’s start with the most logical part: any information can positively or negatively affect the brand awareness, and therefore, the priority is to grasp the company’s marketing department, as well as reply. Moreover, since there is no clear source of social commentary, the company should act as a trading platform for inquiry, opportunity and problem, and give it to the appropriate point of sale.

is a less important factor to consider, if one asks, opportunities and problems go directly to the point of sale to Beijing (for example, someone who can recommend Chengdu website construction company?) it becomes a point of sale contact and help users role.

user generated content ratings and reviews

as users generate content, and more specifically, ratings and reviews the line of responsibility becomes less

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