Simple analysis of the importance of site planning

Does the

site need to be planned? I can only tell you what you need! I’m here to remind the owner and producer that you should pay attention to it.

Many enterprises in the

web site, find some relevant enterprises engaged in: simple introduction and product introduction, with a few photographs, to producer, told a few words "do pretty ah" and so on, the rest of the things is waiting for approval. The producer, is the first to follow the views of customers, to meet customer requirements, in order to "look good, then, with the dynamic effect, finish the work report. Such a site, it may be really beautiful, both sides are satisfied, but definitely not a very good website. Why? Because it is nothing more than an enterprise brochure, similar to a blackboard newspaper, it is only a simple message.

a practical, valuable good website, especially the enterprise website, it should have a certain function, we call it functional website. Functional website is the product of the combination of network technology and the actual situation of the enterprise. For example: Guangzhou has a clothing market, its suppliers in Fujian, foreign investors, Guangzhou dealers every day to send the sales report to the chairman by fax abroad, but also at any time to communicate with Fujian, in order to understand the Guangzhou stock status, delivery arrangement. Previously, these are carried out by telephone, fax, inconvenient, uneconomical, once the other party no one answered the phone fax, and very troublesome. In fact, the website can realize this function, that these things move to the Internet, Fujian and abroad can learn whenever and wherever possible the Internet, Guangzhou aspects of the situation, but also can automatic data integration, is extremely convenient, the cost is reduced greatly.

according to the analysis of the site for many years can generally include:

1, information transfer function.

2, product sales function.

3, logistics management function.

4, capital management function.

5, marketing management functions.

6, payment settlement function.

7, office management functions.

The construction of

a good corporate website, in fact, is a process of marketing integration, it first needs to understand the needs of the enterprises, including enterprises understand the market situation, then: the state of competition, marketing channels, ways and methods, and put it with the Internet technology, suitable for online operation, shift to the web (of course is better than the original off-line operation), can be combined with network, put it together. In this way, the site’s function is applicable, effective.

most of the enterprises, although it is traditional marketing expert, but on the Internet, especially the network can realize the function is not understood, or is not very in-depth understanding, he don’t know what to think, what setting function, this time, you >

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