The pain of SNS mode of community network — the operation mode of Shenzhen community network

A day gradually popular theme

SNS site, SNS site from the pioneer school network (for students), and the recent unpopular happy net (operation positioning not clear), as well as some industry and regional groups such as workers (for white-collar work, the Beijing network (people) in Beijing city people) etc. their contests. The social background and reasons for the success of SNS website. Summarized as follows:


from which we live in society, everyone in the world is certainly not isolated, certainly cannot do without communication with other individuals or groups, only children or unfamiliar neighbors of modern "the cage" or the people in the society have what communication circle is very small. Modern people no longer have the circle group social environment, thousands of human civilization accumulated less and less friends, neighbors, usually the work of learning to let our life circle is very small, " " and then derived a series of social problems. The network model and circle group came into being, here, with the network share qualification model, can be found on the Internet to communicate with friends, explore life, life to share learning experience of their own, so that the social environment of the development of SNS.

From the analysis of

technology, now SNS web technology is no longer so mysterious, is not too high to be reached things, many sites have developed a mature program, there are also some ready-made modular type of program. So, SNS site entry threshold has been very low. The success of any kind of Web site technology is not a problem, the main function is the site and mode of operation.

mode of operation, the model determines the survival, development, theme. Currently many domestic websites are to imitate the successful experience from abroad website mode, but also according to the situation of China added their own things, the launch of this hybrid model, very popular with China netizens and preferences, foreign SNS website to the local but The climate does not suit one.. SNS site if you want to succeed, you must adapt to Chinese Internet users, to provide convenient services for Chinese Internet users. Shenzhen community network load real life convenient guide and other special services, happy net load virtual life game service, these are effective ways to attract popularity, only the service and content to keep your visitors, what is the real thing, what is the essence of what is the service. Without these, pure Internet sharing, there is a difference Chinese culture, the concept of Internet users of the imported foreign website is not a cold is reasonable. Chinese love each other, love lively, love competition, love spread cheap, also love ostentation, can you seize the site model, whose heart, what let him accept you use your credit you love you cannot do without you.

Although the domestic

SNS website has a lot of rash and too much in haste up, but there are still some problems, such as: one is the homogenization of serious, all kinds of SNS the function of the website is basically the same, can not form a unique style to attract users; two is the pursuit of large and many models, object oriented is all >

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