Chinese good voice in the network marketing knowledge

Since the "

" The Voice of China since the launch, I have been paying attention to. This program is different from the previous draft, although the pattern is similar to the west, but in China is a new model. In the process of attention, I have been touched by the story of the players, this is a group of people who love music, dream, and willing to pay for the dream, their dedication touched me, their efforts and suffer so I really admire.

now, "China’s good voice," the ratings have been record highs, once broke the record, welcome to such a degree, it had to let me think, "China good voice" is how to do. Million mines below the small series on the basis of their own point of view, say their views.

I think, China good voice, the success lies in the following:

, in the initial launch, "The Voice of China" will use a lot of micro-blog for its growth momentum, continue to create suspense and surprises for users in the propaganda, and this success attracted the attention of the audience, for the high ratings launch foreshadowing. In network marketing, publicity is also very important, good publicity can play a multiplier effect, and good product, if one is in vain.

two, "The Voice of China" is different from the previous show, not by the judges to comment, but hire four star tutor to select students for guidance, similarly, good players can choose their own love mentor, this two-way choice makes the programs become more exciting, in network marketing, if add some unique elements, to attract the user’s attention, but also to unexpected results.

three, "China’s good voice" focus on interaction, which is a civilian stage, and instructors humorous language can also be good to promote the atmosphere of the scene, and deepen exchanges with the audience. A website, the structure is good, if there is no good customer service to communicate, attract customers can not keep up.

four, "The Voice of China" to be able to attract the audience, with high level players singing is inseparable, the audience can hear sounds great in this program, of course, would have been listening, so in network marketing, website or product quality is better, enterprises should have a strong ability of scientific research and production. If not, it is likely to play a negative role.

five, in the China good voice behind, there has been a professional evaluation of the entertainment sector, driven more fans attention. In the network marketing, insiders publicity is also very important, because most of the people in the field of leadership figures believe.

"China good voice" is really good, but in the meantime, we have to learn from its successful experience. For more than a billion mine Xiaobian personal humble opinion, also focus on "The Voice of China" you can get so much for the success of any idea? Discuss it.

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