Adolescent girls how to care breast health net

gradually become large or basic. After the development of the basic shape of the breast, the girl to wear a bra. Wearing a bra can make the breast support and support, so that the blood circulation of the breast is smooth, is conducive to breast development, and can protect the nipple to avoid abrasions and pain, in the autumn and winter season as well as the role of warmth. Should choose the right size bra, after wearing to feel comfortable and no pressure.

adolescent girls will first be aware of the development of prominent breast nipple. With the development of the breast, fat and blood vessels increase, so that the whole breast bulge, this change can be seen from the appearance.

breast development in addition to hormones, genetic factors are also relatively large. Another feature of breast development is that in the early stages of development, one side of the breast may be significantly larger than the other side.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

adolescent females appeared earliest and second is the most obvious sign of breast development and the rapid growth of the body, breast development is often the most obvious starting point of the development of girls.

at the same time, around the nipple areola brown gradually expanded, breast sufficient growth, about 80% of the girls until 16 – 19 years old was close to the adult breast development.

bra texture to soft water, to wash frequently change, keep clean. Take the bra off at night. Many women feel breast swelling, swelling in the thorn nipple a week before menstruation, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. General menstrual cramps will disappear.

according to the changes in body fat, change at any time. Not because of the pursuit of physical beauty and wearing a bra.

With the development of

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