Entrepreneurship inventory last week, died 6 companies

killed 6 companies here last week. I decided to write, not only because the Number was more than I had ever seen before, but also because they all have a certain representation, even a few, but also affect my feelings.


Beacon died last Thursday at

This company

mode is "ideal", somehow, I watched it reminds me of the movie about the Losangeles earthquake "2012", finally, a bunch of people jumped into the one called "Noah’s Ark".

Beacon is about the same: it’s amazing that you only need 15 minutes to make a phone call, and then you’ll have your own seat. In other words, it can make you invoked as calling the Uber aircraft, and experience like vacation: there is a special taxi to meet you; there is no need for long security; you can enjoy snacks along the way, the gold channel to flight.

ridiculous so how exactly Work?

core: Membership Fees. I saw last week had the same Membership tourism projects for nearly $20 million A round, however, the latter is the integration of traditional tourism industry personnel do users of tourism planning, members pay 99 dollars, then, these brokers will do an annual holiday planning including booking tickets, hotel etc. for them. People busy to a certain extent, just a few tens of millions of dollars is really nothing, the focus is: can you help me save time and avoid a bunch of benefits do not produce mental activity. But the concept used "Flight", is mad: "frequent flying needs" and "destination" greatly limited its living space, it starts to say members can enjoy "New York" and "Boston" in the two regions unlimited call aircraft, member price: $1000 (Ya Jin us /Per Month +2000).

then died? The following is the founder of


" is the key to planning the sale ", because Charge ahead of money can make things work (including wages, rent, aircraft fuel costs, hire experienced pilot etc.), but we didn’t expect the sale out of the money is not enough Cover fees, sales to users, 3/4 said it would not immediately fly in fact, most people want to wait until the summer to fly". So the founders put their own money stick for a while, is game over.

In fact, Beacon

ultimately want to achieve the effect is still full of moving: to encourage the aircraft into the community as it is possible to choose an acquaintance flight. Remember the hype of social media hype? It is said that social data can be connected to the aircraft, so that we can choose " " who is the. The Beacon scene is like this: more than a dozen business elite gathered in the air, and then there is no flight attendant drinks, give me a cup of Coca>

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