How to import high quality traffic for non ranked sites

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into the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar does exist, but the reality of their web traffic too little to worry about the webmaster. Do you know why your station traffic is low? You know your website customer advisory telephone why not? The reason you may not come down to the main keywords ranking, website weight is not high, yes, you are right, but you figure out why, you can make up short-term rankings, improve the site the weight? If not please don’t give me your excuses and reasons for this.

Master Lu Moumou (not the name that I face in advertising) in a shared diary, I am so inspired by, is that we often use the browser, 360 browser why beat Microsoft IE browser. I benefited a lot from the story. If you want to do one thing, you need to go, first of all, followed by the analysis of competitors, the advantages, abandoned the dross. And then seize the weaknesses of competitors, the weakness of the other side to develop their strengths. The point at issue, let you do not have the website bring considerable traffic.

For example,

case analysis, such as machinery and equipment of biomass burning machine, do online sales, ranking in the thirty or forty place, it is a considerable amount of traffic, how to bring traffic to your site? How to guide high quality flow


1 station external traffic into

station is a lot of traffic outside the master will have to do a project, even if their ranking is much worse, there will be customers to find your site will be part of the flow into. In the early stage in order to keep the site so deserted, you should start the bitter force standing outside the promotion, I say here is not for you to find a major search engine promotion, but to find the weight of the high site on the customer demand the search terms for incoming traffic. Such as the question and answer section, some of the B2B’s high weight cut rankings better site. The people slowly find, hard work pays off. Outside the station) to note: the way of diversion diversion station do more, but not what flow into the flow, the conversion rate is not high and the flow is not necessary to do, for example I do biomass burning machine, you buy in a diversion aircraft artillery, you feel what is the role of your customers? Come to see your site was not what he wanted, turned away, resulting in a relatively high rate of out of record, is not conducive to your optimization, so to guide accurate customer.

2 station long tail optimization

station in the long tail word optimization is a more refined way of operation, first you have to analyze whether the industry to do the long tail word does not have, how many, how the quality. If a word in the long tail Baidu front page three not more than 20, congratulations you can do, pay attention to the title of the article, please do keyword set description, these are the details of where you compete home, these details may well, your ranking is the first to have the internal layout keywords frequency, and remember that, naturally, Kaguro Kaara is also very necessary. (>

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