Network marketing to the potential, not responsible for people

to do a good job of network marketing, not only the need for professional network marketing staff, but also the need for a favorable situation, artificial fundamental, potential is the key. Seize the favorable situation, grasp the good opportunity, is the key to network marketing. Network situation and internal resources potential here include external, external network situation is faced by enterprises in network marketing in the market opportunities and threats, network competition environment, industry environment, these factors can not decide the enterprise network marketing; internal resources advantage is enterprise network marketing have the manpower and material resources, channels, content, knowledge capital and other resources, these resources is the enterprise can control the utilization factor.

network marketing for the potential, not responsible for others, is a timely response to the external network situation, rational use of internal resources, to organize the appropriate team to carry out network marketing, network marketing is not just to the success or failure of whether to have outstanding network marketing personnel. Network marketing is a systematic project, if there is no reasonable conform to the external network situation, or not good to play their own advantages, even if there are outstanding network marketing personnel also irretrievable.

how to find the potential? First of all, the enterprise is facing the "potential" analysis, from the external network situation and internal resources advantages of two aspects of analysis. Four aspects of the network situation faced by the network from the enterprise market opportunities, market threats, competitive environment and industry environment analysis; resource advantage mainly from the enterprise have the network marketing human resources, material resources, channel resources and intellectual capital to analyze four aspects.




  2 through the network marketing can provide what irreplaceable service for the customer?

  3 whether there are available external channels and resources for network marketing?

  4 new technologies and new applications, such as WAP, SNS, 3G network marketing opportunities for enterprises.

  2 the implementation of network marketing services, management and other issues arising after the settlement;

  3 single network marketing channels, or a single channel and resources available;

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