See circle of friends on the occasion of taking micro purification..


days before a series of measures, such as restrictions on the number of friends, network security and so on, is to continue to add strong efforts in the fight against the circle of friends, in some extent, played a certain deterrent effect, has brought a lot of good side environment. If the only station in WeChat is such a simple point of view, we should really gratifying scene of debauchery in today’s world, WeChat also maintained a rare piece of pure land, it should create, will certainly be people maintain, everyone is so full of sense of justice Ling, firmly against those who "muddy the waters." the behavior of malicious marketing.

from the current situation, the Tencent WeChat group has the value from the circle of friends, circle of friends for WeChat to make a clear definition, is as an acquaintance or private form niche exchange circle, not a marketing platform. On this point to re-establish the development of the circle of friends and future planning positioning, but also very significant. In today’s society so strong business atmosphere, but also there is a only with emotion and friendship as the focus of the communication network platform, is really commendable. So some people say on the Internet, WeChat marketing is not selling goods, but trust, but also some truth. After the introduction of the constraints and the system, the circle of friends is indeed a lot of quiet, malicious false scenes of the goods to reduce a lot of noise, all kinds of illegal pyramid schemes suddenly disappear.

there must be people who oppose and doubt, many of the wrong WeChat "all" approach, dedicated to combating WeChat public numbers and circle of friends selling counterfeit and fake fake overseas purchasing and other illegal activities, we are greatly in favor of, we also have a lot of regular micro business, sales in the circle of friends is simple however, there is no what illegal behavior, this approach is bound to affect the competitiveness of WeChat, so WeChat will be blocked and active atmosphere of frustration. WeChat wants to do is very clear, is to create a small range of their own, simple, friends, communication circle, to avoid the kind of business interests influence, more pollution, the purpose is to circle of friends is also a piece of pure land. The WeChat team that practice is the supervision and management of the circle of friends, which itself is in their duty to the circle of friends is actually more combat, the protection of their own, these terms, WeChat has a bounden duty.

above we can clearly see that WeChat through their own rights and obligations produced a series of measures to rectify the "market" is a standardized system, attitude clear, is to determine the attributes of the circle of friends and the purpose of existence. So through the circle of friends engaged in the formal marketing of WeChat users, is mentioned above, micro business and where to save


first, wait, to brake. How to do the next step is followed by WeChat, and believe that friends can have today’s situation is no one did not expect, WeChat is targeting false illegal behavior, marketing for users who may not be so formal start, and the user is not a small number, it is not, can be said that this is unrealistic >

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