Li Fuhua small and medium enterprise network marketing auxiliary station marketing

I am now in a small and medium-sized enterprises to do network promotion, one of the most important work is the auxiliary station marketing, which is done through the auxiliary station to do network marketing.

auxiliary station marketing should pay attention to the following points:

1, auxiliary station to be separated from the official website, auxiliary station is a supplement to the main station, auxiliary station and the main station can not exist in the form of competition, but complementary or auxiliary.

2, auxiliary station above must have a message, contact or online consulting, and with the official website link.

3, pay attention to the key words or key words will have to let the main row in front of the station, can not let the master station robbed the limelight.

below to specifically talk about how to do auxiliary station effect will be better:

1, web site title and keyword settings

website title can bring the enterprise keywords, but not to the enterprise keywords, and should be based on the industry keywords. For example, the master called "aweis brand discount shoes" in the official website, the auxiliary station can be called "aweis brand shoes – shoes merchants to join to join, join the shoe shop, shoe stores, shoe chain franchise", this is the setting of title, keywords and description of the master set must contain inside enterprise words, namely "aweis, auxiliary station without adding auxiliary, or title station can not add" aweis ", and" aweis "on keyword or discription, do keep the master enterprise keywords in the first place.

2, the content of the auxiliary station location

taking into account the limited amount of information on the official website, the general can only put more important information, so the optimization of keywords is not very good control, so the auxiliary station can play a good supporting role. Auxiliary station can put the relevant enterprise introduction and a large number of industry information, auxiliary station plus the main station of the key word anchor link, which is conducive to the main site keywords ranking. Content to let a person know what brand, but can not be introduced in detail, so as to allow potential customers to contact or online consultation.

3, auxiliary station number

The number of

stations to take into account the search engine and personal energy. Take Baidu, Baidu home page has 10 display bit, the ideal is that you occupy the 10 position, or the first few pages you have accounted for, but this is unlikely. For example, "Garnett", if the first row is the main station, ranked 234 behind or several are secondary stations, then from the marketing point of view is not considered a success, if the project is really good, it should have a great chance to clinch a deal but considering a! Person’s energy is limited, if repeated content is not conducive to ranking, if it is a man’s word is also estimated up to 5 stations, the maintenance is very tired, but not the same keyword set are different and complementary. Also note that a few stations should not be placed in the same

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