An Dongsheng how to make your article was spread

whether it is done from the star or do micro business, or the network to make money, to write high-quality articles can be quickly spread, is an important skill. Almost all people have such trouble: and let the article can be quickly share? What trick?

here, I tell you: the trick is certainly some


before the article spread, we must first understand the following 2 questions:

1, why write articles

I did not write, before simply do network marketing or website operation, please write directly to a professional writer, he did not write. Can I exchange network marketing expert and N, and found that they are writing articles, also advised me to write articles to improve their own marketing or. These network expert are doing it, this is the best example. For example, you think, how do you know some things on the Internet or some people, through what?.

2, what are the benefits of writing articles?

(1) can sum up every day, to enhance their. Work well, life worth mentioning, in the process of summing up their own reflection on their own. Do not write do not know, finished the day looking back, only to find themselves doing a lot of things, right, wrong, there are.

(2) to increase its influence, as long as you Everfount to write, can influence continued with the frequency of some people to write these articles would have been spread in the network, has great influence on the people to see. Let more people know you, understand you, and get to know you. In the process of writing the article, I know a lot of new friends, we are in a circle, can always influence each other, learn from each other, this process, very happy.

(3) to improve their language skills, some people are born with language ability, but some people are always out of order, especially in some public places, allowing you to share some experience, although they have experience in expression, always because of tension or not ready, the table is not clear, or too verbose. Often write things, keep writing, a long time, their expression will have a framework, write or say, can be like one, according to their own wishes to the table, this is very useful.

understand the above 2 questions, you have the power to write, you can have the confidence to stick to it. So, what to do after that is how to publish the article?

I’m here to talk about the general flow of the article published:

1, first write the article, leaving the temptation at the bottom of the article, if not, is not to help you forward. We have to give a little power.

2, you must write the process, can not be released with the feeling. After writing the article, first published in the QQ space, forwarded to micro-blog and WeChat, and then one by one to publish to the corresponding forum.

3, released after 1 days, and then go to the major platforms to see which platform is good, after the main

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